Mental Health Monday: Natural remedies for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD and hormonal disturbances


Hellllooooooo dahlings! Can you even believe it?  3 posts in 3 days? Sticking with the schedule?
 Honey, what’s going on here? What’s happening, honey?! 
Welcome back to Mental Health Monday!  In keeping with my current obsession with using essential oils for keeping my family free of the dreaded lurgy’s that lurk around every corner this time of year, and given that depression season is in full swing,  I thought I would find out what they could do for mental health and share a bit with you today.
Ah yes friend, I see you looking guarded over there and wondering whether my next review will be for birkenstocks or for tie-dye.  That’s cool. You can be skeptical, I was too. But people! This is not just hippy dippy patchouli oil and incense anymore!  This stuff is really powerful and I think that in this time of over-processed chemical everything, it’s so exciting that more and more people are catching the vision of that. 
These oils are certified,  endorsed by medical Dr.’s and backed by serious scientific studies and they are often more effective than the scary stuff concocted in labs with horrible side effects. I think this is such good news. 
I chose the list of disorders in the title because I personally struggle with each of those things but the list of conditions which essential oils can treat has no end. Go ahead and google for yourself. I got most of my information from this awesome site. It’s very comprehensive and user-friendly.
I have only recently started using oils specifically for emotional and mental balance and so my testimonials can’t hold a ton of weight but there are countless really persuasive ones out there and fingers crossed I will soon be able to add my story to them. 
I have however, been incredibly impressed in the short time I have been using them for these purposes so far they appear to be working wonders. Thought I would give you a quick run-down on some of the essential oil that can be used for these disorders
*****These oils are widely available but naturally I recommend doTERRA oils because the are CPT grade (certified pure therapeutic) grade, which means they are extremely pure, free from harmful additives and they are undiluted and very potent. This means that a little bit (i.e one drop) is often all you need for these benefits.  Compared to other oils I have used, well… there is no comparison. I want them all and I want everyone I know to have them all.
Back to treating mental health issues with essential oil. This was (depressing) news to me:

In March 2006, the Washington Post ran an article from a $35 million dollar government-funded study on depression drugs with these facts: “Antidepressants fail to cure the symptoms of major depression in half of all patients with the disease even if they receive the best possible care” according to a definitive government study. Source
Sadly, I believe it. I am a huge advocate of getting medication when you need it but I can’t deny that it’s sometimes hard to find the one that does the trick. Many people struggle with residual symptoms of depression despite being treated. Until recently I was one of them, and there is no guarantee that my current medications will continue to be effective long-term. The hormones and chemicals which contribute to depression are prone to change.  This is another reason why I’m so excited to have found a wide variety of proven natural alternatives to experiment with to bolster the effectiveness of my medications. Note: I don’t dispute those who have found them to be every bit as effective or more effective than pharmaceuticals but for the sake of full disclosure: I’m still on my medications with no immediate plans to wean.
Depression is a serious health condition. If you are struggling with untreated chemical depression or your meds are not working well for your symptoms:
1. Please seek professional help as soon as possible and follow their treatment plan precisely. Always tell them about any supplements and oils you intend to take or are currently taking. Never ever stop taking any medication without consulting your care provider first.
2. Try these. They are safe and natural without harmful side effects when used as directed:
Single Oils:  Bergamot , Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Melissa, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang
DoTerra  Oil Blends commonly used for depression: Serenity, Balance, Elevation, PastTense and Citrus Bliss.
Suggested methods of use:  These can be diffused using an oil diffuser, applied topically to the soles of the feet or the chest or used in bath water.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Anxiety is yucky, and most of us experience it from time to time. Sometimes it is acute and sometimes it is that free floating sense of unrest, I have had great success using some of these oils to relax and ground me.   Panic attacks can come without warning, for me they are rare but when they happen it’s always in the middle of the night, I wake up and feel one coming on, (for me it’s the sensation of cold water being poured slowly from the top of my head down) and they escalate quickly so I keep some of these next to my bed so I can just nip it in the bud.
Single Oils: Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Melissa
DoTerra Oil Blends: Serenity, Aroma Touch, Elevation, Balance, Breathe, PastTense
Diffuse these for aromatherapy and rub a drop or two into your wrists and chest during the day. At night rub into the soles of feet. You can also put lemon and orange in your water and drink throughout the day (this is good for sooooo many things). You can either rotate the above oils and blends or pick a favourite to use. For a panic attack place a few drops in a small cup and inhale it directly. Of course adding any of these to bath water would be beneficial not to mention luxurious.
I included insomnia in the mix here because I’m a lifelong sufferer and because lack of sleep often leads to depression and/or anxiety, makes ADD worse and can wreak havoc with your hormone balance. Likewise, all of those conditions can cause insomnia. Either way insomnia=bad
Coconut Oil pulling: I have found that I have been sleeping infinitely better since beginning oil pulling. It has a ton of other benefits…another post for another day. So definitely try it if you aren’t doing so already.
Single Oils: Clary Sage (take 1-3  drops internally in a capsule or under your tongue before bed), frankincense, lavender, marjoram, rosemary, wild orange, ylang ylang, vetiver
DoTerra Blends: Serenity, Balance, Slim and Sassy
Options for use: diffuse, cup and inhale, dilute and spritz on your pillow using a spray bottle, use with a carrier oil like coconut for a pre-bed body massage or rub into soles of feed. I have been putting a drop or two vetiver in water and drinking it and despite not having much sleep the last few days (due to my insistence in staying up way too late) I have woken up with far more energy than I deserve.  I have not tried the blends yet but a lot of people find Balance and Serenity amazingly effective for kids. Needless to say I’ll be ordering those for Ella in short order.
ADD/ADHD(also for children on the autism spectrum)
These oils, particularly vetiver have been found to be extremely effective for treating adults and children with ADD, ADHD and those on the autism spectrum.
A 2001 study by Dr. Terry Friedman found that smelling vetiver essential oil improved the performance of children with ADD and ADHD by 100 percent. These results were much stronger than lavender's performance increase of 53 percent and cedarwood's of 83 percent. Source
I have a pretty severe case of ADD.  The psychologist who conducted the testing kindly responded to me when I asked him if the results were normal, “Um yes…but we’d expect to see these with a normal five year old”.  ADD can really be a double edged sword. Brains labeled as ADD are quite marvelous in many ways. Most of the time I don’t think of it as a disorder so much as a different wiring of the brain that doesn’t jive well with what is considered functional in our society. Sadly I find myself needing to be functional in our society and often frustrated by my differently wired brain.  Hormonal changes definitely seem to affect it and I have been going through a severely ADD stage lately and had started to complain to my husband that it seems that I will have to try a higher dose of the medications I am on (ugh!!!!!!) I have been using vetiver and Intune for literally 3 days and already I notice an undeniable difference. Case in point (I just realized this..) I’ve managed to churn out 3 blog posts in the last 3 days! I am hoping that with continued use I can manage to keep my dose where it is and eventually even wean from ADD meds. I have also noticed since using these oils that when my meds wear off I have not had the irritability and overstimulation which I usually experience. That’s a relief to all of us.
Single oils: Vetiver, lavender, frankincense
Blends: Intune, Balance, Serenity
User recommendations:
Before bed: Balance, Serenity, Vetiver, Lavender & Frankincense on the soles of feet.  (Each or all)
In the morning: In Tune on the spine (I put it on the back of my neck) and Balance, Vetiver and Frankincense on the base of the skull with a little Lavender on top.
In the evening: Diffusing Lavender and Balance
Put a drop of Vetiver between  thumb and index finger to smell when you really need to focus
You can also try making this Peaceful Child Blend (with the terrible threes almost upon us, not to mention all the prepubescent and adolescents scurrying around this place, I’m going to be mixing this stuff up in vats):
Peaceful Child Blend
•  18 drops Vetiver
•  10 drops Ylang Ylang
•  7 drops Frankincense
•  5 drops Clary Sage
•  3 drops Marjoram
•  12 drops Fractionated coconut oil
Blend in a roll on bottle and apply to bottoms of feet and on the brain/ spinal reflex points of the feet right after showering in the morning.

Check this link for other application instructions and testimonials

And finally let’s look at the root of all evil:
Hormonal disruptions.
My hormones have been all kinds of whack on and off for as long as I can remember.  It’s a total trip. Like the one where you miss your plane and then they put you on another one but not before they lose your luggage and you are hijacked and you crash-land left on a deserted island at least you think it’s deserted but then you find out you are sharing it with a bunch of cannibals who let you live only because you give them all the chocolate from the plane (leaving you with NONE) and when you swim to shore and crawl across a desert and hitchhike home through a jungle full of guerrilla terrorists and then when you get home you find that the door is locked and you’ve lost your key somewhere in the ocean (and you TOTALLY need to go to the loo…).
I’m not really mad at my body though. One can’t blame it after all. I guess some hormonal craziness is going to happen when you have a bunch of babies one after the other and then you wait for most of a decade and then you have another one just when your body is starting to think that maybe it was all over..and there’s all the gaining and losing of weight and eating of junk food full of crazy chemicals and sleeping weird hours and having too much stress and  taking medications and living the polluted world. So basically, everyone is going to have them at some time or another. All the same, they suck and it’s better when things are in balance. So here is some fascinating information regarding the use of essential oils to help with that.
Single Oils: rose, geranium, clary sage, citrus oils for decreasing toxicity, frankincense, oregano, thyme, peppermint, ginger, ylang ylang, lavender, roman chamomile, white fir, lemongrass, rosemary,
DoTerra Oil Blends: Solace (this is a specific blend to balance hormones and manage symptoms of PMS), Balance, ClaryCalm, Serenity, Elevation, Solace, Digestzen.
Refer to this page for the best ways to make use of these oils to address hormonal symptoms.
I’m dying to know if you have any marvelous essential oil tales or testimonials of your own? I can’t get enough of learning about this stuff!
Also! Interested in knowing more? My friend Heather Madder is going to hook us up with a FREE Webinar on treating the most common health complaints with essential oils. and enjoying your most energized and healthy self. 
 Click the graphic below to email Heather for details on how to join us. It's going to be really good. I can't wait.

Click here to check out and/or order the oils I’ve mentioned here (and a whole bunch more).
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2013 Resolutions: The Hits and Misses


Despite saying I wouldn’t, (I should change the name of this blog to “despite saying I would/wouldn’t…” ) I made 10 goals at the beginning of 2013 and I haven’t told you how that all turned out and well…I know you have all been sleepless and waiting with bated breath to find out…so let’s see, shall we?

The Big One: Living life more fearlessly. Letting go of the fear of making mistakes.  I’d say that one was a hit. Many, many days, I would take a deep breath when I was wavering and ask myself, “what would I do if fear wasn’t a factor here?” or I would tell myself, “be fearless” when I was avoiding doing something (even if it was silly) because I was scared or intimidated. It was a very, very helpful mantra. I have so far to go still but that goal stayed with me throughout the year and will continue to be by my side going forward. It has been a good friend to me.


The Others:

1. Daily photo on instagram. I think I did pretty well with this. I stopped dating them after a couple of months,  it was just too cumbersome so I probably missed more days then I think, but I think I got pretty solid coverage all the same. Not exactly the most challenging goal for me…Score: 8/10 but if you are going to weight it for challenge..I’d go with a 2 ;)

2.Reading from the Book of Mormon every day.  I went through a stage of doing this really, really well. And it was life changing. I started listening to my scriptures on my phone on my daily morning drive and it set such a great tone for my day and really strengthened my faith. I stopped doing that when the wheels fell off of my life and I lost my routine toward the end of the year but I’m glad I reflected on this because I had forgotten how good it was for me and I need to start doing that again for sure. Tomorrow begins that routine for me again. Score 5/10 .

3. Entertain in my own home at least once a month. I didn’t do this faithfully each month but I had some months when we had people over several times. My main motivation for doing this was to have my kids’ friends over more. I want them to have those memories. I think I made some major breakthroughs this year by having kids over when I was feeling up to it rather than when circumstances were perfect and the house was clean and the fridge was stocked. Kids don’t really care about a clean house and they are happy to give you orders to take with you to the grocery store.  I have really enjoyed having more socializing in our house. Letting go of my perfectionism regarding entertaining has been such a blessing. As an introvert and being easily over-stimulated, I often just don’t feel like I can handle stuffing any more noise and activity into this house and being “on” but taking the strain of my unrealistic expectations out of the equation has made for much more fun with friends here. Score: 7/10

4. Cooking. Ugh. We went through some excellent phases but they were mitigated by some lengthy terrible phases too….shuddering.) This year has not been much better than last, apart from in the last week actually, when we made a menu and actually stuck to it every night. (And I made most of the meals for the record…hooray CROCK POT). I’m really serious about making this happen this year.  I’m going with a  Sore: 4/10 and that’s only for the few good jags we were on.  I know this is for the No DUH files but a menu is so critical. Got to make those a priority.

5. De-cluttering the house. I did this consistently throughout the year in that I was constantly getting rid of tons of stuff.  It didn’t really all come together until this year but I did a lot of groundwork and am slowly but surely conquering my sentimental hoarding tendencies. Going with another 8/10.

6. Read one non-rubbishing book a month. This was a dismal failure but I don’t want to be too hard on myself. There was an awful lot of reading for school to make up for my rubbish reading earlier in the year. And I read a lot of what I would consider to be informative and good writing online.  Still I wouldn’t call this one a raging success. Call it a 7/10 but 3/10 if you are going to be technical about it. Going forward…I don’t know.  Getting a Masters degree when you have 5 kids at home is not conducive to getting a bunch of recreational reading done so I’m not going to make any major goals for this. I think when you factor in my assigned reading, I’m good.

7. No I did not write 52 thank you notes this year. I failed. But I wrote some and tried to express my gratitude every day in other ways. I would like to amend the goal going forward…at least one paper thank you note a month. If I can’t manage that, I am a pitiful person indeed. Score: 5/10

8. The 52 week saving plan. Nope. The wheels fell off of that sometime in like…April. Lame. Last year was a pretty miserable one financially. Rather a mess.  Lots of unforeseen and unfortunate situations. We were always taken great care of though…things may have been stressful but things worked out.  Lots of kindness was shown which we are always mindful of paying forward whenever possible.  Hoping that the coming year is an opportunity to give more and enjoy stability. It’s too late to start the 52 day challenge now but hey…why the heck not. We’ll start now.  Going to give this one a 4/10.

9. Getting my personal training business back on track. This has been a good one. I have added health coaching to the mix and it has been the real highlight of my year. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I have found such great fulfillment and inspiration in watching people throw out the excuses -there will ALWAYS be good excuses and EVERYONE has GOOD excuses to fail, but these people decided they wanted to succeed more than they wanted to have a good excuse to fail. It has been so incredibly exhilarating to watch as they gritted their teeth, put their shoulders into it pushed the walls down, and then climbed on top of the pile of rubble and got to look at the beautiful view that lay ahead of them. Not just because they achieved their immediate goal, and gained health, energy and vitality but because now they know that there is nothing they can’t do. The confidence they have given themselves is the greatest gift. I have felt utterly blessed to be a part of it. An unmitigated joy and privilege.  (More on that in the Fabulous Friday? still looking for a good name…series.)  Score: going with a 10/10 not because I made a fortune and opened my own gym and health spa (because I didn’t..just to clarify ;) but because the purpose of goals is to find joy, to grow and to learn. Mission thoroughly accomplished.

10. Blog 3x a week. Um no.  See yesterday’s post for my plan to improve upon that this year. Score: bleh..4/10? Sure let’s go with that.

Well there ya go. More misses than hits or more hits than misses. Hard to say.  But I don’t regret making the goals and reviewing them has been a good exercise. I’m glad I did it. I need to put some goals for 2014 on paper/screen soon.  And tell you what my word/phrase/motto for 2014 is.

Do you care to share any of your goals for 2014? How’s that working out for you?

Taking Back Control: One Year Later

On this day one year ago I kicked off The Momedy-sketch Take Back Control Challenge.
I thought it appropriate that I use the anniversary to review my own progress vis a vis: taking back control of my life.  I was in such a terrible slump when I came up with the idea of the challenge.  I could feel in a literal, physical way a block as heavy and impenetrable as concrete sitting somewhere around my throat and chest area that was pinning me back from getting on with my life’s purpose, I could feel the energy and the drive thrumming impatiently inside but I couldn’t access it. It felt as if I was running in place, or in one of those dreams where you can’t get to where you are trying to go, I felt like the motor was running but the gear was in neutral….you get the gist. I knew that I would need a good thick stick of dynamite to blast the cement block out of my way and I have always been energized by rallying a group together for a shared purpose.
Last year was a long and hard one. It started off pretty badly and went on to have some major lows but also some highs. It was a year of growth.  And I was more than happy to see the end of it.
Despite a mostly  sucky growth-filled year, I would call the Take Control challenge a great personal success and it was indeed so tremendously encouraging and inspiring to watch and cheer others in the community on as they achieved their goals.  I am indebted to each and every person who participated in the challenge despite my shaky leadership.

For me the challenge kicked off lots of positive changes: a 35lb weight loss, the achievement of some long neglected fitness goals, facing and overcoming some fears that were really holding me back. (It was decreed to be the year of Fearlessness after all).  I began a new venture helping to empower people to take control of their health and every day I am rewarded with texts from people telling me how happy they are, how excited they are to finally be in control and achieving what they had started to believe they never would.  It’s incredibly fulfilling and I am verklempt on a regular basis.  I started my Masters degree which has been fascinating and exhausting in equal parts. And best of all, I made some wonderful new friendships.

 Finally, after a really rough year struggling with depression and anxiety, I found a wonderful new doctor who worked with me to treat it properly, and amazingly enough, this brutal winter has been one of less than a handful in the last 2 decades during which I did not struggle with debilitating depression.
While it didn’t really happen for me during 2013, although I did make considerable progress,  it happened before March so I will count it. Over the last couple of months, the penny finally dropped regarding organizing and maintaining order in my home and I finally figured out systems that make sense and are sustainable.  It’s a modern miracle. No truly it is.
I’m feeling optimistic and motivated about this year. Yes, I know we are in the 3rd month of this year already (wow) but in many ways March feels like my personal new year. It’s not just the (theoretical) arrival of Spring that does it for me, it’s also that for some reason I feel a sense of limbo in January and February.  With a lot less apathy this year than in years past,  it’s felt like a time for getting my ducks in a row in preparation for coming out of hibernation. But I’m feeling like the page has finally turned now and  I’m excited to see what the story of 2014 will be.

Amidst all the self-congratulations and tales of triumph, I must keep it real and acknowledge that among many other areas of my life which need some major work and overhaul, this blog has somewhat floundered over the last year. Posting has been erratic and sporadic. This makes me feel sad and incomplete. I love this little blog of mine, it has done so much for me and it deserves better.With school starting back for me on Monday, I really need to budget my time carefully though. Blogging is a great outlet for me but if I am really busy and then I feel overwhelmed with an excess of information to share… I tend to post nothing. I have lamented this tendency several times before, I know. 

Sadly, I still have so much to catch up on from the last last few eventful months. I know I said that I’d give myself ‘til Feb 14th to cover any past events but I really do want to cover them at least briefly, for posterity.  But I also really want to share the things that I find exciting or helpful or outrageous or mind-blowing currently. The things that have been working for me and/or others. I want to introduce you to people who inspire me. So many aspirations, so little follow through.  I’m starting to understand how to handle my ADD tendencies and so I’ve’s time for more structure.  There must needs be a system. So I’ve roughed out a little schedule that I think will help to keep me on track a little better.
Along with keeping up with Works for Me Wednesday (where among other things, I really and truly will finally be showing you the much hyped home organization, (you don’t believe me? Really?! As if I’d let the chance to brag painstakingly and pictorially about my organized pantry pass? Pffft…clearly you don’t know me) and reviving the fledgling Mental Health Monday posts,  I am planning to incorporate interviews with some of my amazing friends each Friday.  What should the catchy, alliterative name for that be? Friendly Friday? TGIFF (Thank Goodness I have these Friends Friday?) Yeah I’ll keep working on that. These are people who over the course of the last year decided to take control of things in their lives, threw out all the excuses, buckled down and just did it.  Their passion and joy and satisfaction in overcoming obstacles and getting out of their own way is so inspiring and contagious. 

It’s my  hope that having a bit of structure will appeal to the out of control OCD perfectionist within who likes anything that comes with instructions. I think having some guidelines will help me to just pick one of the millions of ideas on the multi-coloured mental post-its floating willy-nilly around in my cranium and write about something already.

Coming tomorrow: a brief (I promise) review on the hits and misses re: the resolutions I made for 2013 and my goals for 2014.

Happy March m’Peeps! We survived January and February! Just 3 months of Winter to go in Ohio!

WFMW: My Miraculous Healing Story (and a recipe so you can have miraculous healing too)

Ok so here's the long winded back story. (Don't you wish I was succinct? Yes, me too..but please... press forward with faith because there is an awesome giveaway right at the end which makes it all worth it..)

I was the only person in my family who didn't get a flu shot/mist this year. I dutifully went to get one but they ran out and then I couldn't motivate myself to go again. (I have needle issues).  Plus, I have never been entirely convinced about the flu shot. Pretty ambivalent actually. Also, I'm quite arrogant about my superior immunity regarding the flu. Yeah you know how this ends..

Well on my birthday week aka Sayer Sick Week, I suddenly started to feel suspiciously flu like. But surely not, since I do not get sick with the flu. It was a Sunday night and I went to my "immunity boosting and vitamins" box in my medicine cabinet (I really do have a box like that because I have become uncharacteristically and frighteningly well organized of late, and I can't WAIT to show the photo of said cabinet because it's probably the greatest triumph of my entire life. Moving on..)

Alas! Upon perusal I was out of my usual immune boosting go-to's and unconvinced that anything else within said box was up to the task and it being a freezing cold Sunday night I was loathe to send Aaron out to get me reinforcements.  And then! I spied my very attractive collection of doTerra oils. (My amazing and famous friend Heather Madder  had generously furnished me with them a year prior and I had thoroughly enjoyed using them for non-sickness related purposes (increasing energy and weight loss). They worked so well that I was getting ready to start distributing them and then that intention and the oils got lost in the chaos of my life at the time.)

When I saw the oils, I vaguely remembered seeing something online about making a "flu-bomb" out of them and so I quickly googled and sure enough, there was a recipe and I had ALL the right oils for it. I figured I would try it out as I was starting to feel well and truly sick at this point. Dizzy, shaky, achey, that heinous sore skin thing..the works.  I made up some capsules (it made me feel like a chemist which I very much enjoyed,) and proceeded to take them every 4 hours when I was awake.

The next morning I woke up and I was feeling weak and washed out but all the pain and achy grossness was gone.  Instead I had massively swollen lymph nodes in my neck and boy did they hurt. It reminded me of when I'd had the mumps as a kid or when I'd had strep throat. Except I had no other symptoms, no sore throat, just the  super sore and swollen glands and weakness.  I was starting to think I was going to need to go to the Dr and get some antibiotics which I hardly ever do, but given the lack of other symptoms I thought I'd give it a day. I kept taking the flu bombs and swishing (pulling) coconut oil every few hours.

To add to my woes, Ella had woken up very snotty and  whiny  and I was dismayed.  She has a pretty fragile immunity and I am completely neurotic about her getting sick because a) it's scary. she got a bad case of RSV when she was 2 weeks old and ever since when she gets sick with a cold it often turns into a chest issue and gets really bad. b) it means NOBODY WILL SLEEP EVER AGAIN which is a fate nigh unto death.

So I frantically googled to see what I could do for a kid who can't swallow capsules and took the combination of stuff that I had made for my flu bomb, mixed it with some olive oil (which I later discovered was unnecessary) and massaged it into her feet, then put some socks on her. I kept doing that every 4 hours or so. (If you were wondering, shockingly enough she was rather a fan of it. She asks me for "OYLS" all the time now and instructs me to put them on anyone who seems in any way injured, sick or forlorn.)

The next morning Ella who had slept through the night had shown every sign of being on her way to full fledged flu woke up with no sign of even a cold.  Like...NO.SIGN. I was mesmerized. STUNNED.  Aaron, (who makes it his business never to let me suffer alone), started to feel sick and Benj had been trying to get over something for weeks, and I knew he would be susceptible, so I started them on the flu bombs immediately.  Finny was getting somewhat snotty too (gah!!) so I rubbed the oils into his feet.

The next morning I woke up feeling good, still weak and tired but good except for now just ONE super sore and swollen lymph node. It was the weirdest. It actually felt like my immunity had gathered the infection that was spreading around my body and rounded it up into one area in order to work on it and was efficiently just eradicating it. I had such a fun visual in my head of those little flu bombs just wiping the nasty infected lymph nodes clean like super powered systematic little erasers. It was done with the one node and now moving on to the next..

Aaron who also has a fairly rubbish immunity (due to never getting any sleep and always taking the tomatoes off of his hamburgers;) usually gets these things that last forever was not better but he was also not worse. Ella was still looking totally perfect so I stopped putting the oils on her feet. Gracie who had starting getting sick and had in good preteen girl form refused the flu bombs was now coming down with it hard and relented to take ONE.

Long story short(er). By day 3 I was completely free of symptoms. I still felt sort of fragile and tired but in THREE days I went from "oh nooooo here we gooooooo buckle up..this is the BIG ONE" to 100% infection free. No pain in my throat or glands, no fever or chills or cough or sore throat or achiness or snottiness. Nothing. NOTHING. I feel extremely confident in saying that without taking the oils I believe I would have ended up in bed for at least a week and eventually on antibiotics for a related infection.  On day three Ella (who I'd decided not to give the oils to the day before) was snotty again and slightly feverish when she woke up.  Shoot! So I started them back up on her feet immediately. By that evening she was perfect again. PERFECT. (Whew!! Seriously, my relief knew no bounds).

Aaron was fine within 3 days of starting his symptoms.  All better. This miracle was second only to the miracle of Ella not developing anything. No never-ending lingering cough or anything! Inconceivable! Benj who had been fighting some junky chest thing for weeks was FINALLY completely over it and never got what we got. I kept rubbing the oils into Ella's feet for the next few nights and she never got so much as a sniffle.  Finny did not either. Gracie (the one who declined the bombs at first) paid for her late start and refusal to take the bombs regularly by being sick for about a week. She was not however sick enough to stay home from school which I attribute to the benefits of her getting at least a couple of the bombs in her system close to the beginning of the onset.

Suffice to say,  this germaphobe was a TOTAL convert. The only other time I have seen something work so quickly and effectively to get rid of an illness was when I took antibiotics for strep throat.  (And then I got thrush from the antibiotics which was a delight-but not really).  Antibiotics also work on fewer and fewer bacterial infections these days, which is really scary).

When I was in bed during Sayer Sick Week I was so intrigued by what I was experiencing that I began doing a lot of research on these particular oils.  I'm pretty skeptical and I'm loathe to spend my money on anything that won't do as it says it will so I spent a good chunk of time looking into doTerra's claims and comparing them against independent studies and I was even more sold. This stuff is solid, scientifically proven to work like a boss with double blind studies.

After this experience and subsequent research, I am now totally obsessed with replacing all of our OTC meds, cleaning products and grooming products with these oils stat! I have always liked the idea of only using natural stuff and was always happy to use the nice smelling hippy stuff for every day uses but when the slightest hint of sickness darkened our door,  I reached for the Lysol faster than a cowboy in a gun duel.  But now I know that this stuff IS the big guns, it works much, much better than antibacterial stuff laden with carcinogenic chemicals.  This stuff takes out MRSA (the freaky deaky scary staph stuff that is resistant to antibiotics-ackack). And it's proven eliminate the FLU VIRUS by 90%. So that explains our miraculous healing.  As I'm sure you know, antibiotics do not work on the flu virus or viruses in general.

As is my way, I immediately started to noise the miracle of our healing abroad. (ie: I preached evangelically of The Magic of The Flu Bomb  to anyone and everyone who would listen, and even those who showed a vigorous disinterest in listening)  It's just...I can't help myself... it works! It really works!

Naturally, as is also my way, now not only must I have every single oil for myself, I am compelled to ensure that everyone I know and love has them too. So I have decided to become a doTerra consultant/distributor right away.  Yes, yes, I know! Because I need one more thing to do!  But I have to! People need this stuff in their lives! It's just so insanely effective not to mention so much fun and easy and good smelling (most of them-don't drop a bottle of oregano on your living room floor if you don't want it to smell like a pizzeria for a while-don't ask how I know) and healthy and generally so incredibly rewarding to use that I can't resist, I must, it is my true calling in life! (I'm not dramatic! Why would you say that?!)

Grad-school is starting up for me again though, so I don't have not much time and I still have so much to learn about these oils and their myriad of superpowers. But I just could not wait to gush about them on my blog and make them available to my gush-ees should they so desire. What to do? What to dooo?

Enter, aforementioned amazing friend Heather Madder. The busiest, most in demand most enthusiastically unflappable force of nature that I know.  Luckily for me, I got to know Heather back when we were both newly weds in college....before she became a famous author/motivational speaker/life coach/leadership trainer and all around super star guru goddess.

She too has gained an unshakeable testimony of the wonders of these oils, like me a friend gave her some, she became hopelessly hooked, and soon became a hugely successful consultant.  Unlike newbie me, she is hugely knowledgeable about them.  Anyway, despite being a totally in demand rockstar, she has not forgotten the little people and has been so incredibly kind and gracious as to offer me the opportunity to help me to help you (name that movie), by agreeing to give away a FREE 20 minute Vibrant Health and Energy Consult . If you are especially lucky you will get to consult with Heather herself.  She is amazingly fun, friendly and hilarious and will make you feel like her BFF in seconds (I'm kind of jealous about sharing her with you) or another fabulously awesome member of her elite award-winning team.  This is a free gift to the first 5 people who contact me. I moderate comments so please either email me or leave a comment with your contact details (I will not publish them).

The consultation is worth $99 m'peeps!  Heather is doing me a major solid in enabling me to offer you guys this prize from my humble little blog.  So if you are even in the slightest bit interested in how these can help you with your family, friend, or dog's particular issue or ailment or need or whatever, hustle and email me.  Seriously, she knows the stuff you need to fix everything and anything from IBS, ADHD, weight loss,  fibromyalgia, workout pain, insomnia, to depression, low energy, low motivation, stress,  acne....) trust me you really should jump on this. Like now.

****Disclaimer: There is really and truly no catch to this deal I'm sincerely just trying to spread the good news and good health.  Rest assured that this is an absolutely no pressure, no obligation consultation for you to find out more about the power of essential oils.  I have absolutely no interest  (or time) to be harassing or selling people things they don't need or want. Cool? Cool!

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