Pumpkin Patch~ 2014 Edition

Check it out!We got the shot! One more year!
So in what seems to have become a tradition of its own, I was not really feeling the pumpkin patch this year, on the appointed day I was beyond stressed and didn’t have the gumption to motivate everyone else into going. I told Aaron that we’d just put it off and make it happen another day, and if it didn’t happen, then so be it. I reasoned that the house was a mess and the kids had homework and I really didn’t care that much to force it, since Ella would be going with her preschool and yada yada.
And Aaron was like, “yeah right ok it’s a beautiful day and everyone is home..we’re going so you don’t cry about this later.”  And all the kids including Benj were like, “what do you MEAN you don’t care, um this is what we DO mom, see I even put on an orange shirt!” And I was like..what the heck happened here? I thought I was finally the c’est la vie mom they wished I was. I swear Gracie even got teary when I said I didn’t mind what colour shirt everyone wore and asked me why I didn’t care about the family anymore.  So yeah..all those years when I said “hey you guys let’s go to the pumpkin patch” and everyone said, “why” and I said “because this is what we do in October, it’s a cherished family tradition” and they answered “really? When did we start going to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard/insert cherished family tradition that we do every single year?”, they have finally come full circle.  It was strangely satisfying.  And a bit weird.
Of course as soon as we got to the pumpkin patch and started inhaling fresh hot cinnamon sugar donuts (which were plentiful this year, hooray!) and my kids were goofing around with each other and laughing hysterically and making me laugh hysterically, I was totally grateful that my husband is a selfless hero and knows me better than I know myself because this might be the last pumpkin patch trip in Sayer Family history and it was a good one.
We couldn’t get her to sit here last year but check out this year and the year before, for how cute this little series is. How sweet is she?
I cannot get enough of this boy’s laugh.  Truly it is the best.
How I love seeing them all in one frame…
I love everything about this picture
Another random tradition.
Ready, set…go.  Or if you are Ella, stand back wisely and observe.
Big pumpkins and little pumpkins
greatpumpkin pumpkinselection
She is just so delighted by this kind of thing. Every time I get the blah’s about how demanding it is to have a little person again I think of moments like these and feel grateful.
ellsbells ellsbells2
Guys.  It’s just 11 days before I get on a plane and leave these handsome men for  whole month. Gulp.  My heart. The thing is, I trust these boys a lot. They are self motivated and responsible. They are totally self sufficient, I’m not worried about them in their day to day functioning but oh I will miss them. So much. I really enjoy their company. And yeah, I do worry that they might get sick or sad and I won’t be there but I’m trying to remind myself that they will have some good bonding time with Aaron who will finally have some time to really focus on just them and is the best dad ever. Oh how I will miss HIM.
The wagon pulling part might be her favourite..
ellawagon ellawagon2
This is Finny’s goofy smile. It drives me crazy but I don’t have any other good close ups of him.  Good thing he is cute even when he is being a goof. And  there’s my beautiful Gracie.  I’m really glad that I get to take these two with me at least. I think we sometimes take for granted how responsible and helpful and altogether awesome they are.  I am so excited slash nervous for this new adventure for them I am so thrilled that they will get to spend some time in “every day” life with extended family and get to know them better. They both really feel the lack of that and love my family. And I still can’t get a grip on the surreal excitement of seeing them go to my old school. I am so hoping they love it as much as I did.
funnyfinny gracie
I can’t decide which of these two faces is funnier. Exasperated cow or manic preschooler.
beefy    crazyella
Pensive pumpkin picker..
This kid really is so cool. He was interviewed on the radio with his coach about his soccer team yesterday and I was really impressed with his poise and confidence.  I’m always amazed at how much he gets done and how well he does it all.  Even though he’s really driven and goal oriented  he’s totally low key about it. He just gets it done man. No drama. He’s his father’s child.  Which makes him almost perfect. (But his room is a disaster).
We always visit the bunnies and reminisce about our sweet Thumper. I miss that crazy bunny.
Told you I couldn’t get enough of this giggly face. He is the most adorable child is he not?
It’s kind of unfair how beautiful Ohio is in October….since we’re leaving November 1st.
Thank you pumpkin patch for another wonderful afternoon and so many happy memories. This may or may not be the end of an era. It’s been an awesome era.

A day in the life of an essential oil addict

If you have been following me in any way on social media you know that I crossed over to the oily side about a year ago and that like pretty much everyone I know who has done the same, I am slightly obsessed. Last year this time I was taking a handful of prescription drugs and I was not doing well…at.all.  I  was a total wreck. I was taking two anti-depressants but they were not working well for me at all. I was taking ADD meds which worked but gave me frightening insomnia. I felt like I was on the verge of a psychotic break all the time from never sleeping. It was really scary.  I was given sleeping pills to help me sleep but they didn’t work at all.  I’ve always been prone to insomnia in general and I feared I would never sleep again.   As someone who has always preferred to approach things as naturally as possible I hardly recognized myself popping all these pills. I hated it!  I felt out of control of my life, my mind and my body.
Last January I experimented with the flu bomb which I found remarkably effective and so I started to use oils to boost my family’s immunity and we had our most healthy Winter of all time. And considering it was the polar vortex winter and everyone was trapped inside for weeks at a time that’s pretty impressive. If I give you nothing else on this blog, I’ve given you the flu bomb and here it is again..just in time for the season of snot.  (I use recipe 1). Please click on the images below to see them more clearly. Some of the font is quite small. Feel free to print and share.  All of the information I gathered for the reference cards below is from the fabulous site, Everything Essential. It’s my oil bible.
After I saw how well oils worked on boosting immunity and promoting healing, I decided to cut out the ADD meds and try some essential oils instead because I had read a lot of studies about how well vetiver was working for people with ADD. 
This worked so well that over a period of time, I started researching on how I could replace my anti-depressants too. Using a program my Dr. laid out for weaning off of my meds, I carefully weaned myself off first one antidepressant and then the other until I was using only essential oils and supplements.  If you plan to go this route I would implore you to do so extremely carefully and slowly and to make sure that your family, a couple of close friends and your Dr. is aware of your weaning efforts so that they can give you “reality checks” if it is not working for you.  Never, ever go cold turkey and if you replace your meds with oils and supplements be as diligent about taking them as you would be if they were pharmaceuticals.  Using them haphazardly will not be effective.
I am not anti-drugs. Prior to the last few months I had been on them for a decade and have always been a very vocal supporter of using antidepressants if you need them. But to be completely candid they were just not working well for me last year. And the side effects were definitely not working for me.  It seems too good to be true even to me, but the oils and supplements are working better for me than the pharmaceuticals were.  I am feeling more mentally and emotionally stable than I have ever felt in my life and considering all the instability that is going on in my life that is saying a lot.  I am also really enjoying not having the side effects of meds. The side effects of the oils and supplements are all good!  That said, if the effectiveness of this routine wanes at any time and I need to work meds back into my life to manage my physical or mental health I will not hesitate to do so.
OK now that I have that all out of the way..
A lot of people ask me what oils I use and more importantly when and how I use them.  I always sort of take a deep breath when people ask this  because I so many different oils and I switch it up pretty often depending on the circumstances and needs of my family.
Here’s a snapshot of what we are doing right now so that you can get a feel for how one incorporates all those little amber bottles into a daily wellness routine. We use them all day every day without even thinking about it.  People say they can smell the oils walking up to our front door…we are in deep.
My current daily oil routine:
Wake up: first thing drink some water with lemon essential oil added. This is invigorating and purifying and it aids digestion. It just makes me feel alive. I often add wild orange to my water. I love the taste and the pep it gives me.  In the past I have use a lot of lime but haven’t been using it that much lately. No particular reason.  Should probably get back into that habit. Adding oils makes my water go down so much more easily. I hate drinking water plain now because it seems like such a wasted opportunity and to be honest it taste so boring!  The wonderful thing about adding these citrus oils to your water is that you don’t have to worry about what the acidity is doing to your teeth. The oils are cold pressed from the rind of the fruit so you get all the benefits without the damaging acidity.  So great.
Next it is time for my
Morning anti-depressant: I put a drop each of Balance, Frankincense and Wild orange or Elevation on my big toes and on the top of my spine.   When I am on top of my game I have a rollerball bottle already mixed of this combo. It speeds matters up considerably.
balance elevation  Frankincense
I might also put a drop of Clary Calm on my ankles and abdomen depending on how I’m feeling and how much time I have that day.
Breakfast I eat breakfast and swallow the lifelong vitality supplements, mitomax and  zendocrine with some more water laced with lemon and/or orange oil.  I either add a couple of drops of slim and sassy to my water at this point or I put 4 drops in a capsule and swallow it.  ( I’m not crazy about the taste of slim and sassy but some people really love it. I think it actually works better particularly to control cravings  if you just strailimeght up add it to your water or put it under your tongue. )
I must note that this is the first time in my life where I have been able to take vitamins and supplements without feeling totally sick afterwards.  I don’t feel in any way weird after these even if I don’t eat with them.  I have also noticed an almost immediate negative effect if I skip a day.
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Along with my regular supplements, this month I started the PB and GX assist program as well as using zendocrine detox supplements and oil for the first time because I’m pretty sure my GI and skin issues are largely due to candida overgrowth. I don’t have a major testimonial on it yet but stay tuned after a few months of using it.
So yeah like I said I am taking a huge old handful of capsules and they go down so easily. There’s absolutely no weird yeasty aftertaste either which I’ve had with other supplements. Plus it’s a good way to knock out some of my water quota for the day.
Germ proofing  Before I dress Ella for pre-school aka Germ City I use a roller-ball bottle and swipe allergy blend on the soles of her feet.  I love that I can get this stuff into her system so easily! Now that it is sickness season and she has started preschool I also put On guard on her feet or if I feel like she is coming down with something I put the flu-bomb blend on the soles of her feet too. She generally hates the smell of the oils but she understands the benefits (and funnily enough if she is sick or hurt will beg me for them) so being able to stick them on her feet and cover them with socks is a good compromise.  Yesterday her nose started running and she came to me and said, “you need to get some oils on me so the snotties go away”.  I was so impressed that she put her personal distaste for them aside because she needed them. Here’s the allergy blend.  We have used gallons (ok not quite but plenty) of this stuff this summer. We used to keep Zyrtec in business…no longer. Sorry Zyrtec. This stuff works like..well like a BOMB.
I can’t tell you the sense of relief it is to have these oils at my disposal! I used to completely panic whenever Ella showed any signs of coming down with something because it always turned into such a big event. She had RSV at 2 weeks old and seems prone to respiratory drama ever since. However last winter…nothing.
When my older kids or Aaron needs an extra immune boost they take On Guard plus in capsule form.
on guard
Before Finny leaves for school I do the same, I also roll allergy blend down his spine.
Before I leave the house I use allergy blend on my spine too. A “cool” side effective of allergy blend is just that…the peppermint in it keeps my neck and back feeling cool while I run.
I exercise and then shower. In the shower I use clear skin foaming soap. My 16 year old says says that it is literally the best stuff he has ever smelled which I find amusing and interesting . I certainly don’t mind the smell but I am not in love with it.   After my shower I use clear skin topical blend and Immortelle on any zit, wrinkle and age spot prone areas. (So pretty much everywhere). I am hugely impressed with Immortelle, it has made a great difference on age spots, freckles and the huge scar on my wrist from my car accident has faded dramatically from using it.  It also  helps clear up zits. I am not as impressed with the clear skin blend but I use it all the same because it’s super convenient and it definitely makes a  difference just not as stunning as the Immortelle. (The Immortelle is also jolly expensive but a little bit goes a very long way and last month it was free with a minimum purchase. Score.)
   doterra-Immortelle-Rollon-women       clear skin
I have a little glass atomizer and I mix up my own deodorant. I’ve always been weirded out by the scary health claims about typical antiperspirant deodorants. Now I get to use something that I know is great for me. And it works so well.  I vary what I blend for the spray but it always contains some frankincense and purify, usually some balance, ylang ylang, lemongrass, bergamot, geranium…a little of this..a little of that. It’s a lot of fun to blend your own perfume!
lemongrassfinal  ylangylang
I brush my teeth with On Guard tooth paste. I have tried natural tooth paste in the past and they made me gag but I really love this one. I can’t stand regular toothpaste now.
onguard toothpaste doterra-on-guard-cleaner-concentrate
For cleaning: We buy the On Guard cleaner concentrated detergent and use it in all the soap dispensers in our bathrooms (I bought some that make it foamy) and to wash dishes.  I add purify blend when I feel like we need an extra bit of disinfecting and just randomly because I love how it smells.  As an aside testimonial , when we got our new/used van this Summer there was a weird residual smoke smell in it even after the dealership  had used their fancy ionizing cleaner in it for 48 hours. I was concerned because I cannot deal with smoke, I am highly allergic to it and my throat was getting scratchy and sore from it. I dropped a few drops of purify on the carpet and in the air vents and voila. Smell gone. It was quite remarkable.
In the afternoon if I remember I take my second batch of Lifelong Vitality vitamins again and a couple more Mitomax. This gives me so much more energy than I had before.  Like really. If I miss them I have the urge to take a nap.  Speaking of naps:
Before Ella’s nap I put on another swipe of allergy blend (allergies are killer in our neck of the woods right now) and some more On Guard on the soles of her feet.  I also use the Tranquil Child aka Peaceful Child blend on her big toes. She falls asleep easily and wakes up happy when I use this. Not so much when I don’t.  This blend has been absolutely life changing for some of my friends.
I drink lemon water throughout the day.  If I’m really on my game I reapply the “antidepressant” blend of frank, wild orange and balance but often I forget.  I try to remember to take a couple more slim and sassy capsules or add to my water and when I do I notice a huge decrease in my cravings, especially carb/sugar cravings. (Are there other type of cravings?)
Bedtime routine: When everyone goes to bed I fill a diffuser for each bedroom (and two for the little boys rooms because it is bigger) with allergy blend. I have started adding On Guard to the blend. (We have been very happy with this inexpensive diffuser from amazon. It lasts all night for us). We have a diffuser in every bedroom.
I also give the kids another swipe of allergy blend and On Guard during allergy/illness season before bed.  If they are extra stuffy we give them a swipe of Breathe to the soles of their feet. I mix it with coconut oil so that it can be swiped on the cheekbones in extreme cases. This works MIRACLES for snoring and Aaron uses it before bed every night.
Applying oils as I am winding down at night has become such a treasured ritual and since when I have skipped it, I have gone back to my old battles with insomnia, I completely credit this with my ability to sleep like a normal person for the first time in memory.  I cannot express my gratitude enough. Being able to sleep is life-changing (and saving).
At night lately I do more Frankincense and Balance and I add Vetiver in place of the Elevation.  If I am feeling anxious or stressed I also use Serenity on my wrists.  I went through a really stressful stage of life a few months back where I was obsessed with the smell of Serenity to the extent that I actually wanted to drink it. Then I just went neutral about it. I read that you crave the oils you need and it was weird but true. I might add also add Geranium before I go to sleep, which I love.
Every night I apply clary sage or clary calm to my ankles and my abdomen. I cannot express what a difference this has made to my hormonal balance. Within a month of using clary sage every day it really regulated things that were super duper wonky for a long time and it totally helps with PMS and cramping too.  If I’m feeling hormonally unbalanced I also add fennel, basil and ginger on the soles of my feet or ankles. Sometimes ylang ylang too.  It smells amazing in my room at night and I do find it so soothing and meditative to gaze upon my little oil collection and decide what my body needs that day.

If I have not eaten well that day and my IBS is acting up or if I’m just feeling too full or bloated I use Digestzen right on my stomach. I have tried taking it internally and didn’t notice results but using it topically really really works for me in a matter of minutes.
If I have worked out harder than usual or I’m particularly tired, I tend to get restless legs syndrome which I’ve suffered from since childhood.  I have recently discovered that Deep Blue works really really well for calming my legs and if they are sore and achy it takes care of that instantly too.  My once super skeptical soccer players are all big fans of Deep Blue (I am always having to hunt through their rooms and bags when I need some) and have gotten several of their friends hooked too.
Honourable mentions:
Lavender although it’s mentioned in the allergy blend above. I LOVE lavender. Along with On Guard, I never EVER leave home without it. I use it on bumps, scrapes, stings, random rashes and owies galore. I became a serious disciple when I burned my hand grabbing my 420 degree ceramic curling iron by the barrel instead of the handle. The pain was insane. My husband poured this on and it stopped immediately. It stung whenever I washed the oil off for the rest of the evening but subsided as soon as I put it back on. By the next day you could barely see where I had burned myself. Just subtle little “melt marks” on my skin but no blistering, redness or soreness. I don’t love the smell of all of the oils by any means but lavender is just so lovely and calming.
If I am feeling super exhausted I pop 2 drops of wild orange, 2 drops of peppermint and 2 drops of slim and sassy into a capsule.  It’s an amazing energy boost. Peppermint and wild orange in the diffuser is also a very motivating get up and go blend.
I love the peppermint and onguard beadlets for on the go. I use them when I feel congested, tired, bored or when I want my mouth to feel fresh and clean. They are so little and cute and it’s really fun to pop them in your mouth.  The onguard beadlets are great for kids who can’t swallow pills.
peppermint-mouth-freshener-doterra  Essential Oils and related products
For the odd sore, itchy throat from allergies we have been using these on guard drops. They taste great and seem to do the trick.  And I just bought the brand new  Breathe  drops too. Haven’t used them yet but Breathe works so well that I have high hopes.  My daughter has been using Breathe diluted in coconut oil on her cheeks just before her cross country races and it has helped her a lot.  I will be packing both of these drops in our carry on bags for our big flights coming up. (I spend a good chunk of every day obsessing about which oils I’m going to take on my carry on.)  Just thought I’d share.
OnGuard_Drops breathe drops
  Pet care
For our sweet, sweet dog Shemly who is prone to seizures I made a seizure blend.  Since we started using oils in our diffusers and around our house the incidence of her seizures has slowed down dramatically. This might be a coincidence but there is absolutely no denying the effect when I use the seizure blend of frankincense, lemongrass and lavender on her paws during her now very rare seizure episodes. Within moments of putting it on, she starts panting and coming out of the seizure which used to have her immobilized for a lot longer.
Last week we tried her on a new food which must have set up an allergic skin reaction and she has been licking herself absolutely raw. I finally came to my senses last night and made a blend with fractionated coconut oil, melaeluca and lavender and sprayed it on on the red raw areas.  I was concerned that the smell would upset her but she didn’t even flinch and went right to sleep. She immediately stopped licking and the area has already cleared up dramatically today.
Ok so this was a marathon! (There’s a shock.)  I’m sure I left out lots of them too. Isn’t that bonkers? When I say I am an addict I’m not kidding. The oil habit is not a cheap one, well drop for drop it is actually very economical and when you consider what you are saving on meds etc , not to mention the benefits which you can’t put a price on….but the initial outlay can give you sticker shock and I am really careful and stressed about spending money in general. But I can honestly say I have never, ever not ever regretted a cent I have spent on any of my oils. They have changed and enhanced my life and my family’s life in ways I cannot begin to express. I love them with my whole heart.
Ok so! If you have questions about incorporating oils  into your daily life please email me at kirsty.sayer@gmail.com or comment here or on facebook.  I LOVE talking oils and I feel like my weird medical idiot savant self has finally found its true calling with this! Since I am now a distributor I can help you to get them wholesale and to earn free oils every month (I got a bunch of free oils just today and that is a good feeling my friends).  My oily friend Claire and I also have a facebook page: Essentially Perfect Oils.  Please like and follow for lots of info and tips and a friendly place to ask questions.

doTERRA Disclaimer

The proceeding statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. These are simply things that  have worked for me personally, and my friends. For more information about which products are right for you and what each product can do for you, please seeEverythingEssential.