October 19, 2007


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Hallelujah! (I hope it's okay to say that.) Frog, you are way too cool to be a Republican :) We need people like you to set an example that being a Christian doesn't necessarily mean you should be Republican.
I love reading your stories of being a parent - the good and the bad. I read a book a little while ago about how mothers feel they can't complain about the trials and tribulations of raising children, especially in their earliest years; as if they're letting all of motherhood down if they do so, and that they're not fit to be a mother. The book went on to say this is a very bad thing because it leads people to believe that raising children is easy and comes naturally, and thus, many parents aren't prepared for or informed of exactly just how much their lives will change, and some end up regretting their decision. So I'm glad you're out there professing the truth - and I can't imagine a better, more loving mother than you!
Kirsty This is a great blog. I am so proud of you!!! I feel that a healthy debate is always good when kept in the bounds of the topic. I think where members in our church get confused is that they take the things being debated personally because they feel so personally attatched to the issues.
I am not a democrat, and I am not a republican.(This drives my husband and in-laws nuts...they are staunch republicans) I am conservative but this doesn't mean that I always support the republican party. I find there are things in both parties that I like and dislike.
I am so sorry for the views some people in our church have towards this democrat/repulican battle.
Our church is all over the world and all over the world politics are different but the church is true. Good for you for following your heart.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and views. This follows in line with your other wonderful blogs, well done.
I would totally buy that t-shirt.
Thank you Carolyn, Julie and Toad, I am sincerely touched by your support.
Carolyn-I admire your tenacity in claiming no party under such peer pressure. You go girl. And thanks for encouraging my individuality ;) Not everyone appreciates it, but that's ok too. :)
Julie-Let's get a prototype t-shirt and pitch it to Deseret. I'm sure they will Be All.Over.It
And Toad, yes it is ok to say Hallelujah-you could have even thrown in an Amen Sistah! Thank you for your very sweet validation, you are most kind re: my "honesty" aka rantings. I do think it is important to be honest about any struggle in life really, because nobody gains when we pretend things are not as they are. I remember having a miscarriage when I was very young and very alone(apart from my poor husband who was also very young and would have given anything to help me) and while I was surely surrounded by women who had experienced the same, nobody shared their story with me and I felt like a lone defective freak in the wilderness. I often think how much easier that experience would have been if I had just one friend who could have said, "hey, I know".
It's the same with depression. Such an awful disease, maybe one of the worst, because we tend to think of it as a character flaw rather then an illness. We need to talk about these things and be generous with sharing our experiences, they may be a life-line to someone, and there is never shame in honesty.
All that said-Kids really are hard work but they are so seriously worth it. Just not at bedtime;)

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