A new day has come...

Welcome 2008. I love the number 8. It has always been my "lucky" number. I got married on May 18th even though it was a Thursday. I actually didn't plan that-things turn out weird when you are planning a wedding in Idaho. But still, it's cool it worked out that way.

Now that Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, I can allow my brain to deal with the next event at hand. There are several but most noteably as you may have gleaned from my newly acquired ticker (yes I have become the obnoxious ticker lady who gloats about her forthcoming trip to sunny shores in the dead of winter-ha!), I will be going to South Africa pretty soon.

I have no idea how I will possibly get all I need to get done accomplished before then, but this does not stop me from being stomach fluttery excited every time I think of it. I will be leaving on the 18th. You've got to love the 8.

We rang the New Year in very noisily last night. It was so much fun.

I just love me a Mormon party!!!


This is the brooding artsy sultry picture I took of Nathan and Amy. Sexay. He is nursing a sparkling grape juice btw.


Nathan coached us on how to look good in a photo for this one. He is fully qualified to do so, having read an article on the subject on the yahoo homepage just before Christmas. Despite his expert styling I fear it is not my most flattering shot but the other ladies are glowing. I am pursing my lips in a fervent attempt not to laugh in an unattractive manner.


Yet another Nathan coached picture attempt. He felt the flip would enhance my appearance


However I am unable to stop laughing long enough to stand up and "look good".



Rocket scientist at work. Aaron and his colleague/friend Edgar work on a complex engineering dilemma.


The kids all stayed up til after midnight apart from Finny and Tato who stayed up til about 11:30pm and then conked..hard. All the children were good fun today. Here they are all cute and cozy.


Amy and I bust out some wicked cool 80's dance moves, while Julie looks on in great admiration


A rousing game of Apples to Apples


Muss Cyndi, the kiddy whisperer holds court.


A group picture just before midnight. Everything is more fun whilst wearing a random hat, (or in Nathan's case, tights) on your head. I like to close my eyes for pictures.


The obligatory beating on tin object with spoon at midnight tradition. Proudly brought all the way from South Africa, where they have metal poles rather then wood to beat on.


Why the world should be relieved that I do not drink.


So sad we couldn't be there and had to sit at home and blog instead. Oh yeah, and stay up with a sick child who refused to go to bed. But it was New Year's Eve right?? Caroline can partay like the rest of 'em.

Also, I'm not yet convinced that Nathan's "sparkling grape juice" is what you have claimed it to be.

I am with you re: alcohol taking the fun out of parties. Your new year's eve looks like it was a whole bunch of fun! I got to pick J up from the airport at 12:45 am, when his delayed flight came in (and then wait for the luggage). I love the head-banging photo of you. I for one do not mind the countdown ticker--I had kept on wondering when you were going to go. Now I know.

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Marie said...

I really do think I'm growing fond of you and yours. You look like a fun bunch!