Oh my word....

I just had a bit of time to read through the last few entries and...WOW I am boring. Holy Hannah! Painfully so! It's all the long rambling same! All the blah blah blah about my "stress". So lame. Ok firstly my so called stress is really quite pathetic. There are people in life trying to find a place to sleep each night (Did you see The Pursuit of Happyness?-omigosh if not- don't! It scarred me for life. Well do, if you aren't inclined to help less fortunate people, but if you are in any way neurotic you should not.)

ANYWAY what with all the boring lame whining If I weren't me I would totally avoid me! Man! How do you people keep reading? (I checked the stats, apparently you are still reading-what is up with that? But hey, thanks!)

BUT! No longer! Listen to this! I have completed the draft of my final final paper. I don't plan to amend it much so I consider it practically done. I have also completed all the rest of the work for the class-three weeks ahead of time-I KNOW! Incredible!( Ironically I am girding up my loins to ask my prof if it is ok if I submit it all this early.) AND! I am starting to see the light with Young Women. We have the issues I was most stressed (there's that lame word again) about covered I believe,and I think it's going to be OK (except when it isn't).

I'm chill baby! It's weird. I must be missing something! Oh. My .Gosh. Seriously, I just remembered as I wrote this that I am missing a huge something. I have to prepare a lesson for tomorrow and make some handouts and assemble some leadership binders. Ha! I knew it was too good to be true, free time-it was eerie for a second there and was starting to freak me out. And you thought I might actually write about something!

Next time: SHOES! I have become enamoured of shoes the last year or so. Perhaps I will even model them and have Aaron take photos for all the fetishists to enjoy. (Eeuw-btw I learned about why a foot fetishist is that way reading a psychology book recently. Good to know). Anyway you never know. Maybe next time I really will have something less lame to report. So best you tune in.

I am still stunned that anyone reads this. SO boring. Wow.

This time next week: I am coming in for landing at Joburg International and (hopefully) my family is waiting at the airport for me. ALL my siblings. ALL. So incredible.


I enjoy every word of your posts, Kirsty, so don't go changing what you write about too much! I put photos of diaper wipes in my blog--talk about boring. So exciting about your trip! Say "hi" to the old stomping grounds for me, will you? I'll miss your posts while you're gone, but their absence will remind me that you're having a fabulous trip and a well-deserved break.
PS. Thanks for the bib suggestions. I was going to try exactly what you suggested: a vinyl sandwich (yum!)... I think I'll make one like that and throw it in the washer to see how it does. But yep, that would make it more sightly (un-unsightly?) and still help with the moisture.

I'm reading: Oh my word....Tweet this!