South Africa is one hot country..

and by hot I mean beautiful, since it really hasn't been very hot at all. I am in Cape Town now, one of the most beautiful places on earth and there is lots of blue sky and sunshine. The temperature is just perfect and I have managed not to fry to a crisp as in tims past. Lapping up every UV soaked moment of it. I am just astounded by how gorgeous this country is and what a variation of scenery. You''ll''ll see...I may have taken a picture or two...

Have not been able to do even a fraction of what hopes to do but some of the biggies which have been covered so far:
1. Lots of time with the fam
2. Ran on the beach with my dad
3. Watched seal body surf
4. Had tea in a palace with my sister
5. Ate really really great seafood
6. Ate many wonderful meals. I find everything is just so....quality here. From the furniture to the food. There is no junk. Even the junk food is quality junk food. I love that.
7. Slept a lot more-even if it is from 5am until 1pm
8. The house we are staying at here has an outdoor shower. (Apart from the ones indoors). It is divine. And a lovely pool too. And the beach. Good times.
9. Incredible views of the city lights, ocean, mountains
10. Passed a very classic looking hijacking scenario this evening. Happily did not stop to participate. We are so streetwise that way.
11. Mom's cooking
12. Litchies and other heavenly fruit in abundance

Still, I can't wait to see my little family again. Even if I will have to blunder through an abysmal blizzard to see their wan little sun deprived faces. Why is it that we do not live here?????
Gird up loins for pictures. Copious pictures when the internet is once more at my bidding.
kiss kiss skatties...
Salani kahle!

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