To all the Austen fans who may read this...

I thought you should know.


AAAHHH looks like I've got some TV to watch then. Huh? Too bad I missed the first one.

I'd heard rumors of this, but also didn't catch on in time to see the first one during the regular time slot. It is replaying 3 am tomorrow (tonight) for me, so I'm going to record it. I saw you can print out a .pdf schedule of it from the website. How funny--I think they know there are some serious fans out there. Thanks for the link!

I *love* Jane Austen and I'm watching this series as well. I own the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, which is the gold standard of Austen in my opinion. I knew that you and I are friends for a reason.

Glad to be of assistance ;) I missed the first one too and am not sure if Aaron will remember to tape the ones that I am away for, or that I will remember to remind him so I'm counting on my friends!!
Amy did you read about our annual P & P Marathon viewing party?? I think we all feel the same way about it being the gold standard ;)

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