Tomorrah tomorrah I'm leaving's only a day away.........

Quick! Somebody clone me!!!


Did I mention I lost my planner? It was last seen 2 nights ago at Rite Aid where I was shopping from the list in it. Now that list and many other lists, contact numbers and dates not to mention a really lovely (new) planner I loved and found after much searching for just the perfect one, and a very nice new pen from my husband are no longer. At a time of chaos such as this, this is Not. Good.

Me-Planner=More Insane then usual.

Other than all that...isn't it exciting??! Today it is snowing quite a lot. Not tomorrow but the next day I will wake up to little birdies chirping and big Hadedahs ha-dee-dah'ing, lots of sunlight and maybe even a swim. Aaahhhhhhh

One more thing though, there is a psychological phenomenon whereby people start picking fights and alienating themselves from people whom they really like or love when there is an impending separation. I am famous for this. Today I wondered if the fact that my kids are irritating me like soooo sooo SUPER MUCH could be attributed to this coping strategy? Or is it just because they are so incredibly painful and have a radar for when I am most busy and distracted whereby they contrive ways in which to torture me.

Gracie's latest is having me drop everything first thing in the morning in order to scrapbook with her. I do not find scrapbooking relaxing at the best of times but since she has long thought that scrapbooking would be tantamount to nirvana, I got her a scrapbook and many many pink supplies and had a special evening of doing this with her after which I took her out for hot chocolate. This was in lieu of being here for her birthday. Fine. Great. It was delightful. For one evening. Except no, now she thinks it should be a daily activity. Every Day. And this week being what it is, my tolerance for scrapbooking is at an all time low. Anyway I have just had the audacity of telling her that it would have to wait til this evening or she would be late for her playdate and she is upstairs weeping copiously, as if I had sent her up there with a magical spinning wheel with which she was required to spin straw into gold, after which she would prick her finger and fall into an enchanted sleep for 100 years. Is it wrong that I just had a pang of envy for Sleeping Beauty's parents?

Quick! Somebody Clone Me!!!!!


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Have fun with your family!!!

And I do think that is a coping strategy...I know I've employed it before, but it usually ends up making me sadder than leaving.

Enjoy your trip and you family

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