You don't bring me flowers anymore...oh, wait!

Last week I was having a bad day (imagine!) and when Aaron called from work I vented somewhat regarding this fact. I'm not sure if any of the venting was coherent because all I remember was feeling blurry and slighly hyperventilatey as I sat hunched over my printer waiting for it to PRINT STUFF ALREADYand thinking about the gajillion other things I was supposed to be doing, like..3 hours ago. To summarize I was feeling overwhelmed and under-appreciated (not by Aaron but rather the world at large).

Anyway I'm fairly confident that I was not a kind and concerned wife during this phone call, and there is a good chance that I did not even ask him how his day was going. Or maybe I did, and he told me that it was awful and I said, "well that's good..omigosh you would not BELIEVE my day......". Although that probably did not happen because Aaron would never categorize a day as "awful " and if he did, I would know that the Apocalypse had occurred and I just hadn't heard about it yet. In which case I would just drop dead to save myself the hassle of all the chaos and screaming and other Apocalyptic stuff), before asking him for any details or offering any comfort. Even then, I can't imagine him describing a day as awful. Even on the Apocalypse Day he'd probably be all, "'s kind of...interesting out there. But enough about me, how are you?? ".

ANYWAY a little while after our one-sided conversation, I was talking to my friend and neighbor Tiffany at my front door (she too was a recipient of my stressy tirade)-oh lucky Tiffany!) when up pulled the florist delivery van. And out walked the delivery man, up my path bearing these:


Aren't they purty? It was a snowy freezing day and they were so fresh and colourful.


He does this quite often actually, even though I am sure it costs way too much and he probably dies a little inside as he give his credit card number and looks into selling plasma, but it feels really good to know that he thinks I am worth investing in something that will die pretty soon but will make me smile right now.

Here's what he has given me on some of the other bad days.With Aaron around it's kind of tempting to have a bad day. I don't deserve him but I do so love him. (He brings me cheesecake too. Not that I'm gloating.)



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