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So now that we have The Trip out of the way, I can catch you up on the last two weeks at home!
Hmm......well....hmmmm....there was stuff I wanted to post every day during the travelogue but of course it has been forgotten and now I got nothing. Nah, I always have something.

Oh! My luggage did eventually find me in its entirety and it was mostly intact! My running shoes did indeed arrive in the first installment (thank everything good), so I was able to go for a run before I descended into a paralyzing depression.
Adding to my good cheer is the fact that I also finally got this after threatening to for the last 4 years:


It works, I feel good. I have similar levels of energy and motivation as I do in the summer which has never been in the case for me in Winter before. I recommend this highly to anyone who believes they may be suffering from SAD

The other recent purchase that is bringing me joy is this


It's hard to say what I love most about this. The fact that I do not have to deal with the revolting mop and bucket, the fact that it is so easy to carry from room to room, the fact that it really works, or the fact that I don't have to use any cleaning products whatsoever yet I know the floor is sterile without leaving a bunch of icky residue on the floors, or the fact that the floor dries almost instantly. I have spent many happy hours minutes using it today and it works wonderfully on my neverending white kitchen floor, hard wood floor and Pergo. (It is safe to use on hardwood). It is also super light. They do not give me a kickback for this promo. I just do it for the greater good as I am a giver.

And have you noticed that when your floors are clean the rest of your house looks so much better? Clean floors are contagious. I wanted to redecorate my bedroom to make it brighter, but I used the money for this instead. That's how much I wanted it. I have coveted it since the fateful night I saw it on an infomercial and now I feel complete.

We had a good weekend. Aaron and I went to a Luau in the freezing gym at churrch on Friday night which against all odds turned out to be good fun. I was not injured as I feared I would be from doing the limbo which was a bonus. On Saturday night my fun friends kidnapped me for a birthday dinner out. It was a surprise, (it really was for a change, Aaron is improving in the guile department), and so much fun. I have good friends. Thanks Julie, Cindi and Amy. It's a shame 2 out of the 3 are planning to ditch me sometime in the not so distant future. My friends have a tendency to move away. I wonder what that's all about...

And The not have the faintest idea how to use it yet but here are some shots it has taken over the last couple of weeks...

The Boy Eating Monster Attacks


Gracie practising for her 7th birthday.


Valentines dinner table.


My squinty boys on Valentine's morning


This boy loves to laugh


Downward sloping eyed boy.


Look Gabe has eyes!


So does Benj!


Reading Gracie's birthday card from my family. They found this most entertaining as each person drew a self portrait.


My sweet girl


Finny looks like Aaron. I've always tried to figure out who he looks like. It's Aaron.

It was greating catching up on all your pictures from your trip and the recent week. I like the idea of the light. I am seriously starting to wonder if I am affected a little bit by SAD. I dread each day that I get up and the sun isn't out. I was wondering if you could give me a call on the phone. I need some running advice. HELP Please!!

Are the Richardsons really moving?

Okay what type of mopping device is that? There are so many types out there. I like the idea of it not leaving residue and no rinsing? Please do tell!

Amz just click on the link I provided ;)
It is a Shark steamer or something like that. The link should take you to it at Target :)

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