Let me count the ways...

We interrupt this never-ending photographic travelogue to pay homage to the man who made it possible for me to pretend that I was 18 again for 2 weeks. Let me tell you, there are not many men in the world who will encourage their wives to leave them for 2 weeks in the Winter in what is, during this time, the dreariest town in America, with 4 children under the age of 10. There are not many men who will do this and upon every phone call with the wife, tell her enthusiastically that all is well, because they genuinely do not want her to spend one moment doing anything but having a good time. By all accounts he spoke the truth and he did a fantastic job. He did not express one moment of frustration or exhaustion or boredom or heck, jealousy over the fact that I was sitting on a beach eating ice cream cones in a country he loves just as much as I do, while he was experiencing the coldest snap of the year

There are not many men who after two weeks of single parenthood, will meet their wife, with kids dressed in their Sunday best, complete with a handmade welcome home sign and a basket filled with soup, hot chocolate, warm fluffy socks, gloves and a hat on the front seat, for the drive home. And once their wife has finally, finally arrived to a clean, organized home (he bought a new bookshelf and re-organized my study), there are not many men who will not feel the least bit peeved when after they have fed said wife a delicious meal, she conks out at 7pm, leaving him to put the kids to bed, alone, once again.

But that's the way he is. This morning as I opened my eyes I saw a dozen roses of different colours, chocolates and a card. He is most certainly a keeper. And shockingly he is convinced that he has it good. He is most certainly delusional and while I do my best to enlighten him to the reality of the matter by allowing him to make dinner every night and such, he remains doggedly blissful.

Other then this, he is really very clever and so funny and fun. He is gentle and generous and unflappable. He is positive and optimistic. He is completely unselfish. He is the most Christ-like person I know. I am absolutely blessed to call him my husband.

13 years and 4 days ago he proposed to me, after 3 weeks of dating. My answer? "No! Throw it (the ring) in the snow!". Apparently and fortunately for me, he took this as an acceptance. We decided to get married on our first date (really, we did) and we got married 4 months later. I was 19 and he was 22. The odds of a successful marriage were not exactly in our favour, but with Aaron in the equation, one cannot fail. Fortunately it is he I chose to raise kids with. You want this guy on your team for important stuff like that. I love him a really, really lot.

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