Party, party party!

Last night was our New Beginnings Evening. It was quite the event, it turned out quite lovely I think.I'll show you pictures sometime because the cultural hall turned out to be somewhat glorious, and any time you can make a cultural hall glorious you should take a picture. It is good that it is over because on Saturday is Gracie's Ballerina Birthday Party, and on Saturday night there is a dance at church which we are lucky enough to be hosting, so there is once more, decorating to be done.
On Sunday I will be all festivitied out I think, or at least a certified party planner.
Which reminds me, my friend Cindi gave me a card which says :

Tips from Helen, the almost-licensed party planner:
"When seating guests, it's best not to place all the shallow people together. A simple shallow-deep-shallow-moody-shallow-deep pattern works best.....we, of course, being perfect mixers, can sit anywhere."

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