How do you tell someone when you think their weight loss endeavours have gone too far?
Somehow I feel responsible. It is so sad.

To recap. Frostina before. She really did not need to lose any.

Yesterday.. she was looking shapely although a little skinny

Today...I have no words.

It's a bad time to be a snow woman, (do I hear a whoohoooooo!!!!!! ? No? Just the wind? Oh that's right, I forgot we have almost officially entered into Schizophrenia (Spring's answer to Fall's "Chaos" ) whereupon the weather will mess with us until mid-May. It should be getting really warm any time now, so that all the beautiful bulbs can bloom and just as they do we will have a freeze so that they can all die. Not that I'm cynical or anything...

It did feel pretty darn good to wear a spring coat over short sleeves, and leave windows open and have the kids to play outside without getting hypothermia over the last couple of days. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold again. Mother N! Take your meds!!!

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Koala Green said...

If only all weight loss was this easy! What a good personal trainer you are! I think she looks great but my remember I have poor body image! You will be happy to know that I actually got out the DDR today and did a work out!

nyn said...

LOL! about mother nature. I am with you. She becomes totally schizo this time of year. After having some beautiful weather the past few days we are supposed to have SNOW tonight. This teasing is just to much to take. And maybe your snow woman could use a little up your way. She is looking a little sickly.