Happy Birthday Aaron!

(This was taken before we went to see the Lion King in celebration last night. We left the one who smiles weird and does not match at home with a babysitter. If you did not know, our entire relationship has the Lion King at its foundation. It's quite sad really).

When we woke up this morning I informed Aaron that he was 35 and now middle-aged. (Don't you wish all your birthdays started with me?) Then I freaked out for a little bit until the middle aged one calmly told me that 35 wasn't middle aged, 50 was. (I was working on the assumption of 70 being a life expectancy because that is what it was when I was a kid, but now it really does seem quite youthful). So hooray for that. I am not married to a middle aged man after all!

Anyway, happy birthday to YOU dear sweet Aaron, Babbie, Pooh Face. The most loved and loving man I know. Have a wonderful year! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Aaron (poohface, lol)!!!

nyn said...

A very Happy Birthday Aaron. You all look fabulous!!