He's soooo smooth....

So the other night I was lying on the couch watching TV and an ad for Ferrero Rocher chocolate came up.

It looked really good because it is chocolate and hazelnut, so obviously it would.

So I said to Aaron, "AARON! I wish I had Ferrero Rocher chocolate!! I wish I had it RIGHT NOW. If you loved me you would make sure that we always had Ferrero Rocher chocolate." (Because he finds it charming when I act like Veruca Salt.)

He looked up casually from the book he was reading and said, "Hmmmm...what??" To which I repeated my tirade. To which he said, "so.. which chocolate was that again?"


"Hmm, he said". Having shared my craving of the hour, I went back to what I was doing (because I never just watch the TV. I don't know how anyone can just watch TV without surfing the internet, or reading a book or folding laundry or sleeping or SOMETHING in addition to the watching) and I don't think I even noticed him sauntering out of the room. A moment or two later something large and heavy plopped onto my lap and Aaron without breaking stride, flopped back on the couch and proceeded to read his book.

Upon inspection I discovered a luscious box of these:

AND it was the deluxe version so it even had some of these
and these

When you were a kid did you ever imagine that one day you would be able to see stuff on TV and be able to reach in and take it? No? Well I did. This was even better then that because I did not have to get up off the couch. Dude it's like having a genie!

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Kim said...

I love love love those chocolates! My favorites...I have some hidden in my sock drawer right now! Hope you enjoyed them! How did he get them so fast? Did he already have them hanging around or did he sneak out of the house and fly to a nearby store and get them? He is truly a magical man!

Kirsty said...

He had them stashed away somewhere to give to me at Easter I presume. It was just so hilarious, because that is certainly not the only chocolate I love and the coincidence was so perfect. I think that he was pretty pleased with himself even though he was so blase. He is pretty magical though I must agree :)

Kirsty said...

PS Kim. YOU HAVE SOME HIDDEN IN YOUR SOCK DRAWER???? I finished the whole box in one sitting. There will never be any chocolate hidden in my home. I will not rest until I have taken care of all of it. I admire your restraint :)

nyn said...

Wow!! I was hoping that maybe he really was a genie and I could ask you to wish for a million dollars next and split it with me. Oh well, I would settle for the AWESOME chocolate! either way Aaron is a wish granter!

Kim said...

LOL...yes, I bought one of the big variety packs right after Valentines day when it went on clearance. It had 20 candies in it, I can only eat one or two at a sitting though.....the sweetness gets to me. I did finish my box today though...it took me a month to do though!

I admire your strength to finish whatever task you set yourself to do...even polishing off a box of chocolate! LOL....love your determination!

Anonymous said...

I too must express wonder and amazement at the following:-
(1) How you STILL have Aaron so whipped even after several years of marriage that he will DO YOUR BIDDING BUT RIGHT AWAY!!

(2) That chocs. can be hidden in her sock drawer. Does she not understand that in the sock drawer does not work??? They have to be hidden FROM ME!!! and that is pretty impossible. I will hunt them down like a sniffer dog!

(3) That Gabe is the most delectable, beautiful 2nd eldest child ever who reminds me muchly of Baby Luke.