Maybe not enough time with the lamp today?

This was my convincing "organizing is so much fun" expression at the end of a long, long day of being in the scary, scary play room. The amount of paper alone sent to recycling from that room would probably account for a small rain forest :( Whhhhhhyyyyy must there be so much paper in the world? Whhyyyyy?
Here I am, sorting through crayons, and sharpening coloured pencils. Many many coloured pencils. Because you know my kids cannot do that themselves. Ok fine, it's just that they look so much prettier and more organized when they are sharp and that kind of instant's hard to share.
I got a ton done today, as with the previous few days but I didn't feel quite as high about it as I have been. Maybe the study and the playroom in one week was too much, even when fueled by 10,000LUX. Anyway seriously, having conquered the snarling, drooling paper beast that had been lying, quietly growing beneath pretty much every surface in my home...well, there is now nothing I cannot do. NOTHING I say. Can't you just tell by my face?

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nyn said...

I didn't know you had a willow tree collection. They are so cute. Sorry, I know that had nothing to do with your blog entry but I noticed them in the back ground. Organizing is exhausting but sharpening pencils does give one a serious, wierd sort of high.

nyn said...

Thanks for your advice about my knee. Right after I wrote my blog this morning I got a call from my Doctor regarding the MRI he took. And yes it is ITBS. He said STOP running and as you said, don't even walk the race it will just do more damage. I was even more frustrated than when I finished my run this morning. He knew it wasn't what I wanted to hear but there is really nothing I can do but NOT RUN. So I guess I will save me knees and just work out on the eliptical trainer. It is hard mentally though. I do better training when I have a goal. I have found that losing weight is a terrible goal especially with OCPD. So I need to find something else to work towards. I don't know if just making myself exercise three or four days a week will be a strong enough motivation for me. I will have to see. Anyway, thank you for your thoughts about the whole running issue. I am truly grateful for your input and friendship.