Of many things....

I will end March on a random note. (But is there any other kind with me?)

1.I have decided that there should be a semi regular column here entitled:Normal? or NO? Because really, my life is endless fodder for such a column.
On this week's episode of Normal? or NO?
I will put the following to you.

1.Would you consider colour coding your planner to be indicative of rampant OCD or just something that makes good sense? A therapist (and not even mine) openly mocked and laughed at me when he saw mine, but I have other friends (and family members) who consider this no big thang. Which camp are you in gentle readers? Normal? Or NO? I must know!

2.If an knock off brand Sharpie type permanent marker is clearly and deliberately SCENTED (like maraschino cherries, incidentally, which I love. Yes I do. I will not apologize for my love of marachino cherries people! It is true and pure. And yes, yes,I know they are carcinogenic. Even so!)
ANYWAY: if a marker is scented to smell simply DELICIOUS, can one assume that sniffing it quickly, only now and again during a meeting (about Visiting Teaching and how pathetic you are at it), cannot be considered huffing?? Or that inviting the teenage girl sitting next to you to catch a quick whiff of its scented loveliness is not grounds for your incarceration? Or grounds for the other person sitting to your right to instruct you in a horrified manner to "put it away and act your age?" I am just asking. Purely hypothetical.

3.Do you need to wash your kitchen floor 3x a day and vacuum 10x a day and wipe down your counters/cabinets whenever you look at them, to keep your home from looking like it should be condemned by the health department? Have I mentioned how very very HIGH MAINTENANCE my home is??? Seriously, it could not be more work if it was designed to keep 6 OCD cleaners occupied on a full time basis. NO DIRT CAN HIDE IN THIS HOUSE!!! Nay, not even a speck. We're alllll about the full dirt disclosure here. Gah!!! And did I mention that this house is also very very small? Oy. Vey. Normal or NO?
It is a good thing that I rather enjoy cleaning. At least more then I enjoy cooking.

4. What do you think of the fact that during our Family Home Evening lesson on "Attitude" tonight, I told my children that earlier today, right after I washed the floor for the 12th time, I rewarded myself with a piece of cake. When the cake missed the plate and fell onto my freshly washed floor, I could have wept about the sullying of my immaculate floor but NO! With my super great attitude, instead, I rejoiced that my floor was indeed clean enough to eat off of. And so I did. Good message? No?

And finally, a PSA: If you saw a woman with a deranged looking smile running around your neighbourhood this evening, that would be me. Nobody escaped from anywhere, you have nothing to fear, even though it may have given you that distinct impression. I really did feel as though I was doing something deliciously illegal (akin to scented marker smelling perhaps,) by running OUTSIDE. Ahhhh brilliant weather today! Well there was not much sun, so perhaps not BRILLIANT but the temperature! There be hope!

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Jules said...

It WAS huffing. In the chapel, no less. :-)

You can have cookies when you come over.

nyn said...

1) Totally normal (but on this you must consider the source.)

2) Not huffing nor illegal, maybe a little bit of a "pusher" but no selling involved I think you are safe , hypethetically speaking.

3)As with number 1 normal, but once again I am the source so probably not very reliable :)

4) Perfect example, and why number 3 is normal, thus eating off the floor can be done and used as an excellent example of great attitude!!

Excellent post, love all the randomness. Life just is.

Samantha said...

1. Normal. Btw, you and my boss would cancel each other out if you were ever in the same room... she's the opposite of organized.
2. Normal (I like smelling Sharpie-like pens, and not only the ones that are made to smell like you're supposed to smell them. Not that I sit there and take off the lids only to smell them... more along the lines of, I make excuses to use this one silver Sharpie I have at work so that I get a whiff of it as I write)
3. I got tired just reading what you wrote. But I'm not going to say it is not normal.
4. Good example! And on your next FHE, you could talk about the immune system and what germs are and how you ate the cake to strengthen your immune system so that you can better take care of your family. Not sure that lesson is in any FHE guides though :-)
Yay for spring!
PS. Sorry for not commenting for so long. I have still been reading and enjoying your blog.

Kirsty said...

Samantha it is so interesting that you mention the immune system as I have actually been unhappy about the constant need to clean for aethetic reasons, because I really think a bit of dirt and dust is important for keeping everyone healthy and allergy free. Perhaps we can compensate by serving all our meals on the floor from now on? ;)