An open letter to Mother Nature

We had some thoughts and suggestions that we think may be helpful with your approval ratings. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing some fresh new ideas. (They involve green, which we hear is your favourite colour.) Thank you. The Management.

PS: Also, wanted to convey a message from Frostina who says
"Hey Ma, it's been real but everyone's thinking, maybe... enough already? I dunno. What do you think? Kisses..Frost"

Note to the cynics: Aha! Despite what it may seem...NO! The Lamp of Loveliness has not failed me. My evangelical zeal for it remains firm. I am still a mere impervious, casual observer of Winter rather then my former state of being (that of a sponge, soaking up every bit of Winter's endless miserable greyness deep down to my miserable core).

But happy (and possibly manic) as I am, I'm picking up a certain...I don't know...Fed-Uppishness? from the general public and being a good citizen who has a public forum at their disposal, I do what I can. Oh no, no, please hold your kudos. Being a giver is its own reward.

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nyn said...

This is great. We will add our request to mother nature as well. Maybe she could include some yellows, pinks, reds and blues with the green. Sunshine is also lovely!

Samantha said...

I thought about you when I heard about all the snow. I'm sure spring will be extra lovely this year (or at least it will seem like it, with this winter to contrast with it)!

Jen Lynn said...

That's right, I just heard about the awesome storm of yours.

I love the snowman

Kim said...

I do love snow but would like to see some green soon! Very cute snowman! Love your fam...very nice looking family!