Snow Day!

FANTASTIC. I just loved today. Once a year we have a snow day when even Aaron gets to stay home because of the roads (although my Canadian friends will and should laugh and mock about what we consider snow) and the sun shines brightly and we go sledding and it's just...perfect. Today was the best ever because it was really warm out there. So comfortable (and bright) it felt like being on a beach. No really. It did sort of feel that way. When I smelled Gracie's hat that she gave me when she got too hot,it smelled exactly like a beach towel. Fresh air and sunlight and little girl. Heavenly.

And..internet... HOW much do I love my new camera???! SO fingerclickingly MUCH. Dude, it is sooo paparazzi, I can take photos as fast as I can move my finger. (I had a bit of carpal tunnel later in fact). Aaron and I just watched the slide show of the sledding pictures and we just laughed like little kids. Watching it frame by frame was almost like doing it all over again, made it even more real then watching it on video for some reason. *Sings in Aaron Neville quaver...I dunno much (about it still) but I know I love( it)
In short my camera fulfills my insatiable need to document every single split second of whatever it is I am attempting to document.

Ok so I promised I wouldn't but until I figure out the slide show thingie here is a tiny taste of what I'm talking aboout. Unfortunately they are not translating very well at ALL into bloggydom but I will find a way to post them in their spectacular glory. (Click on the tiny pictures to make them huge and then scroll around the screen until you find Benj)

Ok let's see if this works. Also let me know if it makes the blog take forever to load.

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Kathleen said...

I would follow you anywhere!

Yes it works. I love my highspeed!

nyn said...

I didn't see the slides but the pictures were too cute. Glad you had such a fun day.

Jules said...

This site actually loads TONS faster than your typepad site.

Great pics!