So we finally scraped off the Kerry/Edwards bumper-sticker.....

it's not that we are leave-the-Christmas-lights-up-all-year-round kinda folk, but we did leave our campaign sticker on after the fact (by a few years), just so that people would know that it wasn't our fault. Oh hush my non-believer friends. It's my blog remember?

It has been replaced with this sticker:


Along with this lawn sign for good measure:


Obama is a good kid. I like him more every time I listen to him.I really like Hillary too, but I feel that she is too divisive and were she to win the nomination, it would be McCain's race to lose. So that was the tie-breaker. Sorry Hill. That and Benj, who is the most politically astute amongst us, (waking up early every morning to check political developments online)says he is the one to vote for. And you could do a whole lot worse then to listen to Benj.

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