TP: to hang over or to hang under. THAT is the real question

Just so you know, it is better to hang it coming from UNDER. It is! It is. It just IS.

Aaron and I have been happily married for coming up on 13 years now, and I just realized that I did not know his toilet paper hanging preference until last night! To my utter shock, he took a vehement stand against my method and said that it should, nay it MUST be hung with the first sheet coming over the top of the roll. Stunning developments! You think you know a person.

So now I am wondering, really searching myself, as to how I could have missed this all these years. I feel quite strongly about it coming from the bottom because I feel it rations the toilet paper and helps it to naturally break off at the appropriate length and also, it just seems like it keeps the new bit cleaner and less...out there. ANYWAY, so I am fairly certain that he has replaced the empty TP roll over the years, rather then waiting for me to do it like some neanderthals would, therefore, I am wondering if, for all this time, I have been unconsciously switching it whenever I found it incorrectly hung.

Which might point to some serious mental health issues.

Like, maybe I'm like that guy on A Beautiful Mind and I am just inventing Aaron and there are really no husband or children in my house at all, and I am the only one here, which is why the TP roll always seems to be hung the right way, even though Aaron claims to feel strongly about it being hung the other way, and I only invented this debate in the imaginary conversation I had with my imaginary husband last night!!! Now I am all freaked out!!! Does anyone else see him?

Also, Spring! That's today. But I'm fairly sure I made that up too because the old guy on the TV who looks increasingly bewildered each day, gestured vaguely toward the weather map and mumbled something about 4-7 inches of snow accumulation over the next few days. So maybe..there ARE NO SEASONS. Or at least no warm ones. Maybe I made those up too!! Does anyone else see Spring?? Or maybe you aren't really out there at all! Maybe I invented the internet!!!!

I See Dead Cold Seasons.

Anyway, if you really are out there, you may find this as mesmerizing as I do. And despite the is-this- a -joke- or- is -it -for- real ad, if I should ever come upon a large sum of money and should this really exist, it would be high on the list of luxury purchases. It may even replace the steam mop (but never the lamp) in my top 2 inanimate object affection category.

**Warning for those who prefer not to see such a thing: there are some bare tochuses at the beginning of the ad. But not in a sexy way.

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Genevieve said...

I'm on "over" gal myself - it's easier to find the end of the roll that way. But maybe i've become Americanized?

The Washlet ad is fantastic! Would you choose pulsing, soft cleansing, or oscillating? Happy spring! (nice tulips :)

Jules said...

First off, I'm with Aaron on this one. Over is better.

Second, neither he, nor your children, are figments of your imagination. If they are, then I share your delusion.

Third, that's a lot of booty in that ad.

Fourth, I hate snow.

Koala Green said...

If its on the roll I don't much care! But since I always but it on, I usually have it over. I would rather someone else do it though!

I can't believe that people could be that happy. Maybe there is something to that!

nyn said...

Maybe we are all just brains in vats. But since I feel fairly certain we aren't I can say that you most likely aren't imagining your hubby and kids otherwise the whole pregnancy and birth thing were very realistic!

Kim said...

Under for me....I agree that just the right amount seems to tear off that way. And, since i'm always the one to change the roll, I get the choice of how to put it on. The figments of my imagination never can remember where we keep the extra rolls to replace the finished one.