(Very) White Men Can Jump

I took these at Benj's first game of the season today. He is a springy kid isn't he? I just love to watch him play. He is so driven and determined and also so smart about how he plays. There is a combination of shame and pride when you know that your child is making strategies that you don't understand. The selective hearing comes in handy here as I shout encouraging advice from the sidelines which if taken, would surely result in him losing the game. I am slowly learning to just be quiet and let him do his thing.

I took some of the sibs on the sidelines today too. They were all fresh from practice.

Have I mentioned I am in love with this boy?

I love love love this picture. This is his absorbed expression. Here he is absolutely transfixed with a cute toddler sitting next to us. He adores babies. It makes me sad that he probably won't have a younger sibling to coddle, but then I remember that all my kids adore babies, and one has to stop somewhere. He will be a very good dad one day.

When I asked him if he liked the baby, he made this expression:

and said, "yes he is SO CUTE!" I may need to eat him.

This is my favourite girl in the world. (Basking in the glow of my favourite inanimate object)
She is an incredibly affectionate child and would be happy to be locked in continuous embrace with me. When it doesn't make me crazy (I'm a "need my spppppaaaaaace" kinda girl), it makes me feel very loved. Here we are earlier this week, all happily basking in the artificial rays of the SAD box.

And even more happily today, in the real rays. I'm not sure why my tongue is hanging out. Maybe I do this do this all the time? Maybe only when I am overheated? Only others can say. Maybe that is why I get such a dry mouth when I run? These are interesting points to ponder.

And then there is this gorgeous kid who gets more toothless all the time.
I pulled out a couple more in the last couple of weeks which was a dramatic experience to say the least. I have decided that it is most fortunate that he will never give birth. Or get cramps.

Here he is this evening, voluntarily sharing his cookie with Finny. Who had rashly eaten his own already. He is a pretty angelic child. Despite the demonic expressions he consistently pulls for the camera.

I love my kids. They are the coolest. It is seriously so much fun to be their mom, they are much cooler then me, but they are nice and let me eat lunch with them. I wish I could freeze time for a while. I can almost see them growing lately, and when I watch them, I often have to deal with an overwhelming wave of emotion which consists of amazement at how wonderful they are, an almost violent need to squeeze them, and some small sense of panic that this will not last forever and I cannot bear it to end. It's like that bitter-sweet feeling you get when you are on holiday in a beautiful (sunny) place. It is so amazing, but you know you will have to leave it soon.

The one thing that I always come back to cling to, is that I have been this way for every stage of their lives, and each one has been even better then the last. I really do my best to live in the moment and just enjoy it, but the upside to my complicated neurotic love is that I think that knowing it goes so quickly makes me take less for granted.

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nyn said...

Such adorable kids!! I love all the pics. And WOW Benj can jump.