Internet! Those were not hypothetical questions!!

Apart from the kind input from Carolyn and Judgemental Julie©, the rest of you leave me to wonder and obsess over your silence. Is it all that bad and unspeakably abnormal??! Come on now People! Work with me here! (Have you noticed how I have become less c'est la vie regarding the Silent Ones as time goes on?)

Now that the requisite who-are -you -and -why -won't- you- talk -to- me? monthly beratement is out of the way, let me show you some pictures of my 9 year old son Benjamin engaged in a lie detection test. I was able to administer part of this test and it is startlingly accurate. Quite freaky really. I think every mother should be given one of these when their children become teenagers. Not unlike how they give you those chintzy formula company diaper bags when you leave the hospital presumably as your parental "starter kit". On your child's 13th birthday, somebody official should show up with one of these for you to set up near the front door for convenient interrogation purposes as teens come and go. Dontcha think?

By the way, Benjamin was as guilty as sin, but they let him off on a technicality.

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Jules said...

I love how you've copyrighted my new nickname. You're hilarious.

That test looks scary! The sheet intimidation factor would push me to failure.

nyn said...

Yes, yes, yes, I want one now. I think it should come for girls when they hit the tweens, 10 and older. I think a government issued one would be even better. This way I really can see my tax dollars at work.

Samantha said...

Umm... does the "normal or no" question also apply to subjecting your poor son to a lie detector test? Cos I say "no."

(Don't worry... I trust that it was all for fun or something).

Kirsty said...

Jules, it was surprising to hear how hard it is to fail the tests, so don't worry, when the time comes I'm sure you will do great!

Carolyn, maybe you should campaign for President, this might be the issue that wins the vote. (So long as you go Democrat ;)

Samantha, ROFL. Yes, we decided to get him tested because we were wondering who kept taking all the gum from my jacket pocket. :P Actually a friend of ours let us go to his biofeedback lab and experiment, it was very fun.(I made him pose with that alarmed expression in case you were concerned ;)