My neighbour has everything...

I have the best neighbour, she always has everything I may need and she shares nicely. Tonight she had some questions for me to answer.

In other words, she tagged me and provided the following rules:

1) Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4) Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Soooo off the top of my uninspired head:

1.I cannot sleep if I have not removed my contact lenses, washed my face and moisturized, brushed my teeth and flossed. Even if it is 4am and I can hardly stand and I run the risk of putting toothpaste into my contact lens case, I must do these things or there will be no sleep for me.

2. Ironically I used to keep my contact lenses in for weeks at a time and they never bothered me. My mother was appalled by this. They bother me pretty much all the time now that I am diligent about removing them.

3.On my second official day of marathon training I appear to have injured my achilles tendon. I did not run further or faster then usual. It was just the act of announcing a marathon training schedule that did me in. I have never had any issue with my achilles tendon until I decided to do a marathon. (My bum knee is just great though).

4.My favourite perfume is Beautiful by Estee Lauder and I wear it all the time because it reminds me of my mommy.

5. I ordered this yesterday. I can't wait to get it because try as I might, I can't keep all the lines and times straight. I am increasingly motivated to figure it all out though because the Book of Mormon is a really exciting read. More so each time I re-read it. Weird but true (and cool).

6. There are few things more delicious to me then freshly bathed, dried and baby-lotioned kiddies. I love to dry their hair, and comb it so they look like a beautiful princess or a handsome devil, trim all their nails, dress them in cute PJ's and then just cuddle their warm, soft, sweet smelling selves. (The older two are too big for most of this routine, but the little ones enjoy it as much as I do I think. And the older two indulge me in the cuddling part pretty well).

7. I really think I would choose to be alone in a room with a bear over alone in a room with a rat.

I nominate anyone who has ever commented on my blog. (I actually don't think there are 7 people.....sniff...HINT..sniff. I would love to tag you personally if I knew who you were!)

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Samantha said...

Well, you got one person (me) to take on the tag challenge :-) It's on my blog. [G's out of the country, so she won't be posting here for the next couple of weeks at least, btw]

I hope your Achilles problem isn't too serious--perhaps it is sometimes best not to state your intentions (like your intent to run a marathon), as you said!

I wash my face, moisturize, floss and brush my teeth every night too. I'm not sure I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't do that, but I probably wouldn't like it. So you get a "normal" rather than a "no" on that... oh, wrong post ;-)

nyn said...

I am sorry about your Achilles. I think that sometimes I am afraid to tell people my goals for fear of jinxing it and messing something up. Isn't it like Murphy's law? "If it can go wrong it will." I wish you healing and quick recovery.
I will try to get to the tag post soon. I know being tagged is great, but I have been tagged by a couple people all in one day. Wow, I must just be so popular,*right*. I really enjoyed reading all the fun stuff about you.

Kim said...

Ok, ok....I'll do it soon!