One thousand nine hundred and twenty seven miles.....

I have taken to singing it to the tune of Seasons of Love from Rent to reduce my mild horror over the fact that I have officially begun training for a marathon, and that is the number of miles I will have to ambulate in training, before I have the pleasure of running 26 miles 386 yards or to put it in a measurement that makes sense to the rest of the world: 42.195 kilometers in one day (or around 4 hours). Four hours of running without stopping. Wheeeeeeee! But let's focus on the end shall we? Being done will feel incredible, there are few feelings more fantastic then the mixture of relief and elation and relief you experience upon completing a race (or natural childbirth except there's a t-shirt in place of the baby at the end of a race).

Funny the things we will endure for that sort of high. I have not ever run much more then 15 miles (which is a little over a half marathon) at a time, so I'm not sure if one is coherent enough at the end of a marathon to feel what one feels at the end of a half. I'm just hoping the high is twice as good and that I'm not incapable of feeling at all (or wishing I was).
At least I have great socks eh?
I apologise in advance for all the whining.

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nyn said...

I am bowing and worshipping at the feet of you the running Goddess!! Way to go. I wish you the best in your training and running. The high has to be two or three times greater I would think with the distance being that way.

Koala Green said...

Where did you get the socks?

You have been tagged!