Reason #43472 not to shop at Wal Mart

When your husband is checking the online bank statement and sees a charge from That Place, he immediately knows that your credit card has been stolen, and is able to stop further charges. He calls the credit card company who say, "sir are you sure your wife didn't make these purchases?" to which he says very confidently, "my wife would NEVER shop at Walmart". Sniff..I am so touched, and proud of him.

I am disappointed with other members of humanity tonight though, because I know where it was stolen, and I made eye contact with each person that could have possibly stolen it, and they looked like nice, normal people with kids even, and they saw me, and that I looked like a nice normal person(I guess looks were deceiving for us both).

Furthermore, they saw that I was a nice normal flustered person with a poor child who looked miserable and had a mouth full of bloody gauze who just wanted a milkshake, whose mom did not have any cash, (because who carries cash?), which is all that the nice friendly small town sundae shop takes, so dizzy mom ran out to the car to gather all parking change, leaving poor bloody mouthed child and useless credit card on the counter as collateral for the milkshake he has already started to partake of. I think it was while we were counting out all the dimes and nickels together, that someone swiped my card. Then they smiled warmly again at me and my tragic looking child as we left, without realizing that we were sans credit card, and proceeded to treat themselves to lunch, (what, the ice cream wasn't enough- glutton!?) and then engage in a shopping spree at two different stores, one of of them being WalMart! GAH!! See? Criminals shop at Wal mart!!

I also had the pleasure of coming home from an endless soccer coach certification tonight (because apparently I am going to coach soccer now) to see a cop car in front of our house, and very tall official looking cop in our living room, no doubt making us good neighborhood gossip fodder It was disconcerting. (My kids were soooo excited.) It seems that they can get security photos of the exact time the purchase was made and from there they may be able to ID the perp. I like that word-perp. However, I think this is a very, very long shot in the dark and that my idea of going back to the sundae shop and waiting for the same people to show up looking to take advantage of other flustered mothers fresh from the pediatric dentist, is a much better idea.

I know this is my fault for being so irresponsible. I really do generally return my card very promptly and carefully into my wallet-truly! But it is not every day that your bloody mouthed kid has already started drinking a sundae that you may not be able to pay for, and I was off my game, man! Just my luck that this was when unscrupulous sundae eaters were lurking in wait.

I wonder if they will feel really thrilled with themselves tonight as they program their new TIVO, super chuffed at having gotten away with something, or if they were just desperate and needed diapers (lots of diapers) and are feeling empty and grossed out by what they did. These are the things that I ponder. Either way, I feel genuinely sad for them. I will be reimbursed and my life will ultimately be unaffected (although it will cause quite a bit of hassle and my innocence has been shattered, SHATTERED I tell you! What? Felonies happen in small town Ohio?? Who knew??!), but ack, it is going to take so much more to reconcile their spiritual and karmic bank statement. And now I have to worry about them. Bummer.

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nyn said...

This is so frustrating. Good that your husband was on the ball. It took a call from my bank to inform me last July that someone had spent upwards of $2000 on my debit card somewhere in CA. Well, I haven't lived or been there for many years, thus it was stolen. The thing is unlike you I didn't give the theif the benefit of the doubt about buying diapers. Knowing they treated themselves and who knows how many others to dinner at Red Lobster for $200 made me think they were jerks who deserve to get caught although likely will not. Good luck with your finacial stuff. It sounds like it was caught fast. Way to go Aaron!!

Melissa said...

Crazy! I have to know where you got that fave ice cream shop in BG (and we spent a lot of $$ there) took my credit card all the time. Maybe the rules have changed? But I can't believe that somebody did that to you. What a jerk! I guess not shopping at Walmart DOES pay off!

Samantha said...

I told Jesse your story this morning. I started off with where the card was stolen and he said "in B... G...!? In a milkshake store?!" and then I told him the Walmart part and he said "that actually happened?!" I think he enjoyed the story, in a shocked, horrified way. Sorry for your misfortune :-(

Jessica said... good non Walmart shopping woman. People are awful.....I'm so glad that Aaron caught it, before it got really out of hand.
((hug)) that bloody mouthed boy of yours for me!

Kirsty said...

Nyn-$2000? Holy crap that would suck! Fortunately we do not have that much money in our checking account (or anywhere else) so it didn't take more then an afternoon for them to get cut off.
Mel-Sundae Station! Wasn't your fav DQ? I think you turned us onto that place. Greasy gross yummy place that it is.
Sam-it was all totally worth it to give Jesse a good story ;)
Jess-thanks, I will give Benj a hug from you and then show him your picture so that when he is a few years older he can be very happy about that :)