Sharing Time Sunday

So since I am somewhat attached to my laptop this weekend, I'm spring cleaning /purging my bookmarks folder. Here's some stuff I thought you'd might like to check out before I take it to Goodwill.

This woman is cooking in her crockpot for one full year
and not just stew and other mushy stuff! You may never have to be there while you cook again.

Not sure if I'm loving it but different and quite cool
Reflections of Christ. Collaborative photographic project

Simply phenomenal.
Theo Jansen Kinetic Sculptor

A resource any animal/bug/science crazy kid or parent is going to love
Encyclopedia of Life

Photos of beautiful rooms to get your creative decorating juices flowing
Desire to Inspire

Never fails to make me laugh. My eternal love and thanks to Jen Lynn for introducing me to it one dark and dreary day, so long long ago.
Cutest youtube clip ever
And now here is one for you Jen Lynn. Watch both faces carefully. Classic. I bet Tiffany's husban loves t his one too

Trust me, you will feel it
World's best butt workout

Seriously. No lie. I even have pregnant women do these and they have better abs after baby then before. (And they push very effectively too)
Better abs without crunches

Because there are only so many ham and cheese sandwiches one can eat
Healthy packed lunch ideas

“True greatness … always requires regular, consistent, small, and sometimes ordinary and mundane steps over a long period of time.”-Howard W. Hunter
When the housework starts to get you down

Since there is this big shortage with wheat and all
The Top Secret Superfood

How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds
And all manner of other shirt and folding related information if that is what floats your boat

You are not the only one who is crazy
Since there seem to be so many of us afflicted with the OCD

And you don't even have to buy a new appliance!
When you feel the need

Because American's think they have it hard with gas prices.
Find the cheapest gas in your area

(and for some perspective on that matter)

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Jen Lynn said...

Very entertaining.

nyn said...

I checked out some. I will have to do the abs one for sure. Thanks for spreading the wealth before donating.