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Every 6 months we have a worldwide general conference where we listen to the Prophet, Apostles and other leaders of our church speaking about the doctrines of Christ and how they pertain to us in today's circumstances. It takes place over the course of two days which is referred to as "Conference Weekend". In the last few years it has become possible to access this broadcast live on the internet so for most of this weekend, I will be close to ye olde laptoppe.

The older I get, the more I appreciate these weekends. I find them incredibly uplifting and grounding at the same time, they remind me of the importance of my roles in this world, and give me the strength and inspiration to carry them out better. They help the "noise" of every day life to fall away and help me to better identify my true values and where my focus and energies will best be used. I am reminded about how much and how unconditionally I am loved. These things make me excited to be alive and about my potential. They make me feel lighter.

I am also always astounded by the level of speaking, the articulateness and brilliance of those that do, is in itself inspiration to become more well read, better educated and to generally improve the quality of my thought processes and communication.

On the surface, these conferences are not entertaining in a flashy way. There is no rocking band or gospel choir (although one must admit that it would be hard to create a more spectacular performance then that of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir), there is no shouting, dancing or healings, audience participation is limited to the sedate raising of an arm in the sustaining of votes. What there is a lot of is mostly aging men in dark suits, speaking in very moderated tones. (Although there are some more brightly dressed women to break things up from time to time.)

All in all not really the stuff one would think of as a big draw for the kiddy crowd on a beautiful, warm spring day. But this morning during the first session (2 hours) although they were not compelled to, my Benjamin (9) sat next to me listening and of his own volition took pages and pages of dense notes which were his interpretation of the things that were said and later told me that he "was really moved" not just by what was said but how he felt when they were said.

Gracie (6) sat by my side the entire time too and produced a most beautiful picture of Jesus, also of her own volition, Gabe (7) watched quietly with Aaron on his laptop (ah technology), and even Finny (3) stayed nearby, playing quietly and joining in when the choir sang, often asking me what was being talked about "Is it Jesus, mommy?". I know they feel the spirit of this event, and I think it soothes their souls or as Benj said, "moves" them, too. I think there is so little in the world that has the power to genuinely and lastingly speak to, move, and soothe our souls and I am so grateful my children have access to something that does. I believe that anyone who listened with a similarly open heart would experience the same. And I think that is pretty remarkable. If you are going to be around your computer this weekend too, I'd highly recommend the experience. :)
(Broadcasts are from 12-2, 4-6 EST)

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Jules said...

Yay for conference weekend! I love it.