Birthday highlights

There was some juggling to be done. After a few attempts he said to me, "I fink I'm going to do this with 2 balloons instead of 3, because I have 2 hands. " And that worked out very well.

Ok I must explain the outfit henceforth. So, he was moving the couch to find something underneath it. On the way back though it got wedged and he could not move it. I suggested he take a run at it and push it with some momentum. He got his little running shoes on and did just that and lo and behold, it moved! He was mesmerized by the strength and power that had been bestowed upon him on this his 4th birthday. He ran upstairs and returned wearing this shirt which is generally reserved as PJ's. He explained that it would better display his now prominent muscles. He also asked me to put a lightening tattoo on his arm where it could be seen (I usually try for an inconspicuous spot as I hate them). The ripped jeans completed the picture of one very very tough guy. It pained me to have this ensemble in all the pictures, I'm not going to lie.

Talking to my family in SA (and apparently finding what they are saying hard to believe or shocking)

After he opened his little presents he went off to play with them and Aaron brought the bike in. He left it just there and we had Finny come back in the room but did not say anything. His siblings were giggling like mad, which perplexed him. His mood was rapidly shifting from perplexed to annoyed at being left out of the joke when he spotted the box. He ran over to it and as you can tell, he jumped right on. No assembly required.

It was tough work negotiating such a big, big boy bike but luckily he had his muscles to help, and of course his tongue.

The rewards of great effort are sweet

Before you feel pity for him over his tragic "cake" which was actually Ghiradelli brownies (he picked out the box-smart kid), please be assured that I will be making him an actual cake for his party on Saturday. I have been commissioned to create Diego. I am quite frightened.

Conked out with his "worsie" webkinz. The next most treasured gift.
Birthdays are just exhausting.

Still can't believe he is 4.

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