A couple of things to record for posterity..

Finny had a nap early this evening. And you know what that means. Perky McPerkyson is sitting here giving me a stream of consciousness peek into his mind.

I tuned in to the incessant chatter at one point to hear him saying quite philosophically, "....so I fink Jesus just put different words into Tato's body". "Tato" is his friend Mateo, and when I asked which unique words he felt were placed in Tato's body, he made some very accurate Tato-esque sounds. So I must agree with that assumption.

Incidentally while I was typing the above paragraph, he just said, "oh..and so that means you are the sweetest mommy ever". Glad I zoned in for that one too. It is amazing how charming they become when they know they are living downstairs, in the Land of the Wakeful on borrowed time.

On the other end of the sweetness spectrum Gabe was wailing to Aaron the other day that he had been victimized in some way by the evveeeil entity that is Benjamin. (Cos we all know how wicked that kid is). Aaron zoned in enough to make a sympathetic noise like "Oh...I'm sorry". Gabe let about two beats go by before he retorted with no small measure of incredulous indignation, "Is that all you've got!?"

The next day when Aaron informed the kids that they would have to tear themselves away from the pool for the trying experience of having a picnic at the park with all their friends, he attempted to muffle the whining comfort them by saying that we would probably return to the pool later. To which Gabe said, "well you'd better make sure we do or we will have some serious problems and consequences".

You just have to know Gabe and the earnest way he talks (which in this case also had that hysterical edge to it) to realise how hilarious this was to Aaron. To his great parental credit though, he managed to stifle his laughter enough to put on his authoritative face and tell Gabe that if he ever spoke to him like that again he would be the only one experiencing some serious problems and consequences.

It's been a fun and eventful week thus I am overwhelmed over what to report on. Let it be said that gardening has commenced in earnest, and the city pool has been well and truly broken in for the season. Never let it be said that we do not get our money out of our pool pass. When we showed up with the thermometer just registering 72 degrees (and that's the air not the water) the pool staff said, "oh good we were wondering when you would be here, it just would not be opening day without the Sayers" We kind of open and close the pool down each season, it's vaguely pathetic. We enjoyed our two days of Summer. It is winter again now. Summer was fun.

This week Benj also performed in his first cello recital and both Benj and Gabe in their first piano recital. The really really flat ground is alive with the sound of music.

Photos to follow when I gird up my loins enough to wade through them and pick just one or two (or twenty-two) because I know how you are all waiting with bated breath for those.

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nyn said...

Life flies by too fast. I wish it would get warm enough to swim here. I am ever grateful for the city pool. I honestly would be lost without it during the summer. I will be lost (at a mental institution) if we don't start getting some sun soon.