For Finny and Tato..

a breakdown of their favourite song
funny graphs
more song chart memes
Thanks Jules!
And an anecdote to go with that. Finny has always believed that he would be a rock-star, for as long as I can remember of his short life, this has been his self-professed life calling. I think he actually has a pretty good shot at it too. Tonight while he was rocking out using Gabe's tennis racquet as his (gui) "tar" wearing shades and looking like way more of a rock star then say, David Archuleto, I said, "Finny you really do look like a rock star". To which Gracie driven by requisite sibling rivalry, said, "I want to look like a rock star too!" Without skipping a beat, Finny looks at her over his shades, and says very sincerely, "It's ok Gracie, you can be in my band".

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nyn said...

How funny, just today Adelle told me she wants to be a rock star and the song, "I want to be a rock star" started going through my head. Love it.