Happy birthday to my Marmie

My fabulous Marmie has a birthday today. I am still composing her sonnet which I may or may not post-depending on which family secrets are revealed within-as an artiste...I just cannot say what will happen when my creative juices begin flowing you see.

Suffice to say for now, that she is a truly amazing woman. And if I have even a fraction of the wonderful qualities she does, I will be satisfied that my life has been well-lived. She is universally loved and admired but she has not forgotten the little people. Particularly her own (figuratively) little people. I do not know what I would do without her advice and wisdom, encouragement and love. She is the wind beneath my wings.
(I put that part in to make my sister throw up a little in her mouth)
But seriously, my mom? She rocketh the house. I would love to post a photo of her fine self but I will refrain as she is somewhat phobic of such and it is her birthday after all.

Happy birthday Mom!

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