I'm sorry it is over!

That was such a cool experience
. What a fascinating, incredible powerful book. I can't believe how it seems to be such a new and different book to me each time I read it in its entirety over a relatively short period of time. I had not done that for a long time before I took on this challenge.

I have to admit that scripture reading has always been a bit of a hit and miss affair with me, I have had periods of more diligent study then others but I would not ever describe myself as a religious scholar, oh dear me no, not by the furthest stretch of the imagination. I'm intellectually rather lazy to boot, so "searching and pondering" the scriptures has often seemed like a very daunting and dry task in theory. (Sort of like knowing you need to go on a diet and that you will feel better and be healthier for it, but always trying to find the quickest and most painless way around it).

But doing it this way this time, I really could not put it down, I had to cut myself off long before I wanted to on most days because I wanted to end the reading on this symbolic day.

And I have to say that my life has really been so much..well, it's hard to articulate because it is so many things..bigger?..deeper?..more meaningful?.. peaceful? exciting? and definitely blessed over the past 97 days. It is such a seemingly simple, humble book. But wow, it is so much more. It is not just the amazing hope, comfort and clear direction it contains, and the truly fascinating history and sociology but also the intense personal dramas and struggles told by voices that although ancient, still "sound" to my soul as though they could be in the next room. I can relate to them and feel their emotions so clearly. It's just...wow. Anyway, it is not just all of that, as compelling as all of that is, but just in and of itself, it holds power and peace and certainty. It truly communicates with and edifies your soul. It's truth is impossible for me to deny.

I can't wait to start again tomorrow!

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