Lucky 13

13 years ago we did this.

13 years later, we had a bit more of a low-key day. We went where the traffic includes this

While our wonderful friend Cindi watched our kiddies, we stayed in a beautiful, very gracious hotel

It had a lovely library

In fact the lobby of the hotel had the same layout as the one where we had our reception

Just a little less marble. (The Amish do not work with marble, but the Mormons do)

Our hotel room was awesome! It had a jacuzzi and a fireplace and a big bed for jumping on. The bathroom was bigger then the 2nd floor of our house. It was way better then the hotel we spent our wedding night in. (No pictures of that)

Lord of the Manor

I had a fascinating time Amish-spotting. I tried to be discreet in my photo taking because I realised that if someone was watching me load my van/buggy with my groceries and kids, it might irritate.

Inside the grocery store, a little Amish boy was shopping with his dad and sister. The little boy was unabashedly transfixed with me. I have a theory that he was mesmerized by seeing, in real life, a Jezebel, wearing pants, with hair flowing and uncovered, make-up and jewelery. He could not stop looking. When I went down an aisle he would swivel to look for me. (Although there were actually many non-Amish women wondering around, so I'm not sure what it was about me that caught his attention, (I really was in very modest attire by the rest of our standards) but it was adorable. After a while his sister seemed to be equally fascinated (although a little more self-conscious about openly staring). I wish I'd had the courage to try to talk to them since I was equally fascinated with them, I'm just not sure of the protocol of Jezebel/Amish child interactions so I did not dare.

The countryside is beautiful and tranquil and I am completely inspired by the work ethic of these people. It made me want to go right home and make me some bread. Right after I googled on how. However I have strep throat so I had to settle with going home, lying on the couch and eating Amish bread instead. I wonder what Amish women do when they get strep throat. Or if they ever do. They are so incredibly talented and industrious and I don't imagine that they get a time off to go on Amish Girls Night Outs or romantic weekends with their husbands. I wonder what it must be like to work that hard with no break, ever. It made me feel like a big wuss. Which I am.

I also must say that the Amish have the cutest babies and children! Maybe it is the little bonnet or all the fresh air and clean living or whatnot, but they are soooooo exceptionally adorable and appealing. Every single one I saw put the Gerber baby to shame.

Here we are now on the patio of our lovely room. As has been well-established, I have the best husband in the world and I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have been married to him for 13 whole years.

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Charis said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! What a fun little getaway. I too am fascinated by other cultures. I would have stopped and stared too :-)

Jules said... glad you had a good time!

Koala Green said...

Congrats! And sorry about the van!

James said...

looks like a lovely weekend! happy anniversary!! isn't it so nice when our husbands spoil us:)

deannaotr said...

Wow! You don't look a day older, but Aaron looked practically like a toddler then! At least a middle schooler. Shame on you back then! ;-)
Glad you had a great time and now is all even in the looks dept, LOL!

nyn said...

ADORABLE!! Happy 13th!! Time sure flies. I am glad you had such a wonderful anniversary.

Amz said...

What a fun get-away! And what beautiful country! Wow! Happy 13th, looks like you had a blast!