May Day! May Day!

As you may have gathered, I am a great fan of everything Spring related and we enjoy celebrating May Day every year. Here are my tulips saying Good Morning!

And heres my sweet Gabe with a flower for his teacher. Doesn't the lighting just make you happy? That there is May Day Morning lighting my friends.

We have a tradition of making May Day baskets every year.

Finny and Gracie worked hard..

Making a swarm of bees. (I may have contributed a tiny bit.)

This is what they looked like

This evening we had a great time making very secret and anonymous deliveries to our neighbours and friends. Nobody had any idea it was us so stealthy we hem. (I'm sure you are SHOCKED to read this Julie!!)

Watching to see if anyone comes to the door..

Go! Go! Go! Have I mentioned my vague misgivings over how much my kids enjoy the get-away car scenario? They were especially stealthy in their soccer cleats.

Happy May Day everyone!

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Jules said...

YAY! I WAS right! Thank you so much! And that photo of the boys racing away is so impressive...I almost feel badly that I was gone.