May Days...

May was busy, busy, busy in a tizzy, getting dizzy. But tomorrow it will be June. And so although my dear husband is nagging me to go to bed I am determined to do the May round-up so that I can start a-new in June. The OCD-ness knows no bounds my friends. Let's hope for all of our sakes that I get it done before mid-night or I just won't know where to go with this.

Disclaimer **The rest of this post is one long photographic bragging session. It is my right and my due having endured endless morning sickness, 4 gajillion hours of labour and untold misery in breast-feeding. And now I get to see the fruits of my labour. AH-hahaa..erhem.

Also, I think it is nice to record this sort of thing for posterity. What I'm saying is, if you can't handle braggart moms with grace, you need to move along now and come back tomorrow so we can still be friends. I can't guarantee my kids won't have done something spectacular tomorrow though.
*Edited to add that the following pictures, particularly the soccer and tap recital ones are far more enjoyable when clicked upon. I have just discovered this enjoyment for myself. It's good stuff.

So looking at my photographic journal I see Benj's cello recital which I mentioned earlier. It was surprisingly good actually. There are mixed feelings when you realise that your 9 year old son is far more accomplished then you are, at 32.

The take the blurry picture if you must woman, but I am going to be late expression

Why I need a zoom lens for my you- would -never- guess- it -was- a -good -one from -this- picture camera. That is him in the back, the little earnest blonde head.

A more recognizable likeness of him thanks to editing software which can only do so much for a person who does not have a zoom lens. If I only had a zoom-lens

Benj had field day in there somewhere where he was repeatedly dragged through the mud in his undaunted quest to win the tug-of-war. That's him in the blue hanging upside down, being dragged right there on the end. As you can tell his quest was in vain. Repeatedly. He was displeased.

He got this ribbon for doing many, many sit-ups in a short amount of time though! Hooray the abs! Since I am bragging anyway I have to say that this is the one (random and mostly useless) physical fitness attribute I consider myself accomplished in. I can do sit-ups with very little effort. Lots of them. Oh all the live-long day people! (Not that this has ever been established but in my heart, I know it is true). And so, apparently, can he. Whoohoo! My genes finally had their time to shine.

Then there was the piano recital. Our amazingly cool piano teacher and friend will be ditching us in July (for shame!) and so we had a little recital for all her students at a friends' home. It was very sweet and successful.

The bow may have been my favourite part

Then there were the FINAL SOCCER GAMES (for at least the 3 little ones at least. We soldier on with Benj) It was a good week for soccer. Benj scored two goals in his game on Thursday and the littlies were all ON man! that Saturday. They were killers I say! They all scored multiple goals and ended the season all amped up with no place to go. I got back into running after a long and dreary bout with some tenacious pathogen, by hustling between their 3 simultaneous games taking pictures.

He slides, he shoots, he scores!

He is happy! If I only had a zoom-lens you could see!

The Finnster dominates (which was a nice turnaround from being stomped upon-literally- at the beginning of the season)

Gracie with her game face on. I would not like play that chick when she gets that face on. She rocks the soccer.

Gabe gets serious. There's the tongue! He was a phenomenal goalie in this game too.

And of course there was the triumphant return to the pool. Winter, you were a worthy opponent, but we survived you again! HA! It is time for goggles..

Sand castles and moats

Pool games and their accompanying injuries

Making footprints ..but not the snow or mud kind! Woot!

Playing volley-ball (the big boys have moved into this new territory)

And just being amazed and mesmerized that the warm weather has finally kinda sorta arrived... now and again.

On Friday our Gabey baby won the Citizenship award. This was the award Benjamin won last year except the school forgot to inform us he was getting it and we did not show up to the prize-giving. When he came home all a-glow a friend of mine had to hastily inform me that this was big deal (ie where were you, slacker?) and while I was digesting this news, Gabe who had tried so valiantly to be thrilled for his brother, eventually dissolved into sobs and told the tragic tale of how he had been working so hard "for years" with no recognition.

It was my Sophie's choice moment. Cheering for the one and gushing over his accomplishment whilst trying to assure the other one that it really does not matter in the scheme of things. Awkward! I was thus thrilled when his teacher called to let me know that he was this year's recipient! Sometimes things come together like that. And this time we even showed up to watch!Being in attendance to hear what the award is all about, that being exemplifying all manner of marvelous things, I must agree with the decision to bestow it on both of those fine lads. (But I only grudgingly agree, of course)

Finally there was Gracie's ballet recital today. She was soooo excited and it was oh so cute

We got to take some pictures in the dress rehearsal because picture taking was verboten during the performance (which I had to buy an expensive ticket for, then miss half the show and trample people in my row when I was required to leave to retrieve my child as she left the stage, get her dressed-no costumes to be seen off-stage!!, and then have her seated on my lap for the duration. Methinks they need to come up with a better plan or give us the tickets free. After all we did pay for the costume and the lessons. \Rant. Apparently I am the only mom who gets miffed over all this. Which I can't say is unusual.

Pity about the picture quality. If I only had a zoom lens. (Can you tell my sweet husband reads this blog? Right now he is squirming as he has no cash to make the zoom lens happen but it makes me feel better to make my wishes known. As unrealistic as their fulfillment may be. Po Aaron)

I love how they are all looking at each other

Exiting the stage

Holy cuteness!

The Diva and the Daddy

Ok well, with all the photo looking and editing and various other distractions, it is definitely well into June now. DANGIT. Good thing I had that nap today. I'm proud of my kidlets, their determination and diligence in everything they do is something I am still trying to figure out. It's so much fun to be their mom (almost all the time). Yay Kids! Yay! Now go to bed, it is after 8 and I am allergic to you. Don't let me hear you whispering, and don't think I can't hear you whispering.

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nyn said...

These are absolutely wonderful and adorable. I always breathe a sigh of relief after May is over. Time to enjoy the sun and pool!!

Thalia said...

I LOVED all the pics!! Your kidlings are delightfully adorable and accomplished! Lucky you going into Summer!