Oh how fortuitous

I am one of those people who walks into other people's houses and reads their greeting cards. In front of them. Shamelessly. I am a compulsive people watcher/starer/stalker and Aaron will often have to hiss "release" at me when he notices that I am staring unblinkingly at, or openly eavesdropping on strangers. I must be so scary when he is not around to help me out.

Anyway for this reason, I love those articles in the magazines when the stars empty out their handbags and tell you the contents (although I do note that they never have a Kroger receipt, 12 expired coupons, 3 dirty tissues a wad of chewed up gum in a wrapper given to you by a child that said it was "too spicy" etc etc. It's always, "oh here's my Prada compact, and there's my La Mer lip balm, and here's a photo of the Ethiopian child that I sponsor and tickets to a charity ball. As contrived as I think they may be I still love to read them, because I, not to put too fine a point on it, am nosy. A voyeur. The internet is fantastic for people like me.

So today people want to know what is in your car. Particularly me. And do you know why it is fortuitous that this should happen on this very day? Occasionally the planets align in my favor. And today is one of those days.

I got my van detailed yesterday.

HA. So now I am like one of the stars and can say, I have tissues, wipes, a first aid kit, jumper cables, car repair kit, blanket and then look around all innocently like what? that's always the way it is. Of course, had this question been asked yesterday, it would have been a really really different story. Like the 4 boxes of recycling that have not yet been taken to the recycling center to name but the tip of the ice-burg. Not to mention what else that was in there that prompted the need for the detailing in the first place. But you don't want to know about that. Trust me.

So! Tell me what is in your car. C'mon now, we're all friends (apart from the vast majority of you who are total strangers but I'm sure would be awesome friends). Unless you are all boring and your car always looks like it has just been detailed. Then I don't want to know. Actually yes I do, you know how I eat that uber-organized stuff up.

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Melissa said...

Seriously? This isn't going to be pretty. You asked for it: Carseat, towel under carseat, stuffed bear, cds, clean tissues, used tissues, wipes, pens, receipts and who knows what else!

nyn said...

LOL!! As we got in the car this morning my four year old informed me that "Mom, you really need to clean the car"
So we have a picnic quilt covered in grass, an atlas, bag of jelly bellys, wipes, tissues, spoon, cds, dvd case minus the movie, booster seat, carpet, empty water bottles and I am afraid to even think what else.

Kim said...

LOL....too much for me to leave here! Love your posts!

Jennifer said...

LOL! I happen to have bags for recycling in my car right now too! Planning on dropping them off tomorrow and then use the vac on the car thursday.....we'll be hitting the beach again wednesday so wanna wait until then so I can get the sand. And that's all we'll go into right now, if you really wanna know then you can visit;)