Pomp and Circumstance

So yesterday my lovely friend Amy and my lovely husband Aaron threw a party for my lovely friend Julie (who just graduated with her Masters on Saturday-Yay Julie!!) and me (who graduated a while ago, but only got my Diploma last month in the mail, having never walked at a graduation ceremony, and a bit sad about that)

When I arrived at her home, I found Amy busily putting together a tassel made out of string. I wondered why she had been moved to craft things out of string in the midst of all her guests arriving. And then she produced a gown, and a cap and attached the tassel to it. She got me all dressed up and then took all sorts of authentic Graduation Day looking photos such as this one.

After which, both Julie and I were each treated to an opportunity to "walk" with Pomp and Circumstance playing loudly and many lovely friends clapping and smiling benignly. That part was not embarassing or awkward at all, but also so so sweet that despite wanting to die a little bit I was so touched (and it was also very funny). I even got to throw my cap, and it did not get stuck on the ceiling fan! I love these people! Seriously, how cool are my friends? Very cool. That's how.

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Samantha said...

It does seem more official now, having seen you in a graduation gown :-) Congratulations Julie and Kirsty! And yay for good, caring, fun friends.

Jules said...

We do have seriously cool friends.

nyn said...

LOL!!! You have some rockin' friends. I love the picture of you looking at your hat.

nyn said...

LOL!!! The picture of you having thrown your hat is GREAT!! You do have some awesome friends. Congrats!!