Public Service Announcement

The consequences of skimping on sun protection.
Man, you turn 30...! It's amazing how the damage just sneaks up on you folks. That tan is just not worth it.

I've actually been thinking for some time that I needed some little subtle signal I could wear to indicate PMS Danger Time for the protection of my loved ones. I was thinking like a little button or bracelet or something, but I think maybe this is clearer and also friendly. In my family we refer to PMS- DT as The Monster. So really, this is perfect.

The only problem is, being thick impermeable plastic with neither air nor eye holes, it's a bit difficult to breathe whilst wearing it. Also, vision is somewhat limited. And I'm concerned that these factors may contribute to irritability and possibly exacerbate the situation it is supposed to warn of...I dunno.. What do you think?

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Jules said...

I'm a fan.

nyn said...

LOL!! I think I need one too. It would sure help my family know when to stear clear.