Reaching out from a dark and frightening place...

..otherwise known as the Seasonal Clothing Swap. Oh my HA-IL!!! It's not just the switcheroo that is the killer it is the obsessing over who will fit into what next year and what can we just get rid of and yes this shirt is totally clapped out but omigosh, it's his DOGGY shirt, what type of cold dead heart could just stick the DOGGY shirt in a Goodwill bag?

The other trying part of this endeavour is the fact that this sort of thing lends itself to a TOTAL PURGING of the kids' rooms. Which I seem to do RATHER. OFTEN. What is up with this?? How many tiny toys and random bits of paper can exist? How many I say?! More days of my life then I wish to think about have been devoted to finding the answer to this anguished question.

Amidst all the drudgery and darkness there are one or two chinks of light, one of them being the hair pretty drawer. The hair pretty drawer is usually thoroughly trashed within hours of being organized but I have to tell you, that I am secretly thrilled when I get to sit down in front of it and create order of it's chaos. I probably should be embarrassed about how happy it makes me to find a pair of pretties and put them together in pretty hair pretty rows. Some of those pretty pairs date back several years, and the longevity of their partnership against all odds makes me feel warm inside.

I can understand why some people find matchmaking so satisfying. This is just the same really.

Also, we did some gardening this week. There was one day of Spring during which it all needed to be accomplished, so that was a busy but deeply satisfying day. Now we are back to winter so it's a good thing we had that experience. Ah Spring, it really is such a special day of the year. I look forward to it again next year.

Hoping that those little specks you see scattered amongst their very attractive plastic containers, will soon burgeon forth into beautiful things like Dahlias and Begonias. It never fails to surprise me how many little plants are within a large flat. But have I mentioned what good therapy gardening is? Well it is. Simply lovely.

That red bush looks disturbingly Fall-like don't you think? It makes me uncomfortable.

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Charis said...

I love your new blog look :-) And all your stories. You definitely have a gift for writing. Have you thought about turning your blog into a book. What a fabulous family journal that would be. Love your updates :-)

nyn said...

The blog looks fab. I know of the secret pleasure matching things. Sadly I get this from matching socks when I clean the sock drawers. How they always manage to lose their mates is a mystery but I love when I can bring them back together.