Camp tales

I went up to Girls Camp for a couple of days earlier this week. Here are a couple of photos of the location

Those poor, sweet girls eh?!

As we were lying, sunning ourself on the dock they were wishing themselves home. I asked them what they could possibly be doing at home that was better then this. Apparently technology=happiness to them. I informed them that if I were home I would be doing dishes or laundry(scrub the floors Cinderelly!) so this was pretty much paradise.
Ah how perspectives change in just a few short years! This is the type of thing that makes me feel my age when I am around them. Other then that though, I do feel that the calling keeps me young. When it is not giving me ulcers. But young people get ulcers too, right? Despite the gorgeous surroundings and fun activities lined up, and loving and capable leaders all around, it was quite heart-wrenching to leave them there. They have so quickly all become my babies. It's hard to leave 16 babies at one time! There were tales of mice in one of the cabins, I was tempted to bundle everyone up and flee immediately just on the strength of that. I fought valiantly on their behalf and an exterminator was called in though. Mostly, I worry about them being homesick or lonely, I remember those feelings too well. Being a teenager is tough stuff man! Being the mom of a teenager (even the pretend, part time mom) is tough stuff man!

The theme was Mission Possible. I was Agent K. Here I am with Agent J incognito

I'm thinking it's a look.

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nyn said...

You and get smart could be a team. Love the look. I so know what you mean about age and perspective. I would love a little paradise away.... from it all. glad you had fun :)

Melissa said...

Lookin' good Agent K! Give all the girls hugs from me - I sure miss them all!!!