Murder most foul!

We went on a little trip to the Home Depot this evening. We had murder on our minds. Fifty-eight dollars and a very stinky yard later those mosquitoes had better be dead and going home to Satan or I am going to go on some sort of rampage. Although I suppose the activities of this evening could be considered a rampage so I'm not sure what I will do if it didn't work.

My kids cannot walk outside, even dripping in icky, scary DEET, without becoming immediately polka-dotted and as I may have mentioned before, I am sporting an attractive look too. Today I saw warnings of West Nile Disease on the news and how we should not be cavalier about the mosquitoes. After tonight, no-one can call us cavalier about the mosquitoes. Seriously people, I am from South Africa! I have taken my share of anti-malarial medicine (which is seriously the grossest stuff you can ingest) but I can never remember dealing with mosquitoes in such diabolical legions as we have this month. I am getting quite cross.

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nyn said...

Good luck. I wish you well in your murderous quest. I wish you lived closer to murder our also. I guess I will have to take this task into my own hands.

Samantha said...

I couldn't believe the number of mosquitoes in Wisconsin either! I basically gave up being in my garden/yard. Before I moved there, I knew Wisconsin winters would be bad, but I wasn't expecting the summers to be close to unbearable (with the heat and humidity too). Good luck for your battle. Your new landscaping is lovely and I hope you get to enjoy it without the polka dots.

Amz said...

Hate those things...Good luck! I guess that is one good thing about living a drier place...we haven't seen any in our neck of the woods, 'er desert yet.