Who's your Daddy?

Dad's first "real" smile for the camera. He worked hard on that and we were so proud

Ode to my dad on Fathers Day
(in honour of his birthday earlier this week too)

Dad, Dad
I call you when I'm sad
(brilliant start eh?)
And also when I'm glad
(wait..the poetic genius is warming up)
You're awesome and you're rad.

You are unmoved by fads
Comfortable in your undecided pants
And hot pink golf shirt (that once belonged to me)
Also those khaki-ish pants, the seat of which you patched
with the floral material.
An act which
Made me
Want to die

No matter!
When I visited last
I noted that you were quite dapper
And your attire
did not once
Make me
feel dire

Dad, dad, dad
Does not glaze over
When I get to rambling about running
Although it is possible that he does
and I can't see
But! His voice
remains fairly animated
at least he does not resort to tuneless humming

Speaking of running
That guy
Is no slouch
No matter how much time he claims
that he spent on the couch
When we last ran
He pulled out the stops
That really was quite sneaky dear Pops

He did not seem to break a sweat
As I huffed and puffed
On the likelihood of such
One would not have bet
But that is typical of him
Expect the unexpected
His lack of predictability
Must be respected

Speaking more of running
'Twas my dad who taught me how
At his side
I learned
The art of the wuffle
Hybrid of
A walk and a shuffle

He did not fear shame
though his friends would deride
He remained loyally at my side
Apart from that time
I broke into a sprint with about 8km's to go
so that I would qualify
Which, as you know
Worked out
Didn't it.

Humble to the point of being a liar
(mom told me that you claimed not to be clever-
in church nogal)
Does clever rhyme with liar
Not so much
Moving along

Voice of reason
No matter the season
Of year or life
He copes well with strife

Terrorized boyfriends like no other
Did not have to say a word
With just one glinty stare
All that needed to be said
Was heard

Trusted my instincts
When I found my spouse
15 minutes after
I left his house

Even when I called the happy news to impart
From none other then...WalMart
He gave his blessing
At 3am (his time)
Did not seem to mind that with his mind
I was messing

Dad you are kind
And you are witty
Very sweet
And fairly pretty

Takes us on outings
Gives us sweets
Plays games
Brings treats

You taught me to be
An original, have integrity
and never say... plagiarise
From a well known
(or at all really
Not even just barely)
And even if I did plagiarise
I'm sure it would be
Because I did not realise

That all said
I hope you know all that you've read
Has been written
When I should be in bed
So that should
Some things

Dad, to coin a phrase from the classics
(As you would say)
I will you the ultimate tribute pay
And quote from the song sang to Aaron today:
I'm very glad
That you're my dad
And I know you
Love me

Happy FathersBirthMonth-Day :)
Lots of love

Chariots of Fire re-enactment

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Jules said...

Awesome...and my fave line? "Not so much/moving along." Vintage Kirsty.

Benj and Gabe said...

I dont care you your daddy is cause my daddy rocks! I just wanted to post a comment on your blog while you were doing something on your blog too.


P.S. Poem, Genius!