And speaking of insanity...

My tough friend Lisa, kindly made me aware of this.

Since I tend to have a compulsive need to take on challenges in this form, I am oh so very grateful to her. (not)

A few of us are trying it. I can think of few things more physically improbable then me doing 100 push-ups in a row. Despite being built like an East-European Olympic shot-putter, my upper body is comparatively weak to my lower body. I can leg press more then twice my body weight with only moderate effort, but make me do 15 push-ups in a row and I glimpse death.

Who wants to join us in the insanity? I have to say push-ups do have immediate buffing effects..and it is arm baring season after all. I am going for the manly-man type but I have silly wrists so I am modifying by doing them on my knuckles. I am also trying to make half of them tricep push-ups (with your elbows very close to your body and your hands close together under you-they are killer but very effective for dealing with the bat-wing effect). We'll see how long that lasts.

Wish me, my bat-wings and my poor knuckles luck.

There are various modifications you can do to suit your body and its issues. Go check it out!

So? So? Any takers?

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Samantha said...

Oh my. I'm going to give it a try. I also have bad wrists, so I do my push ups holding onto dumbell-style free weights (I find using a fist too painful on my knuckles... the weights keep my knuckles off the ground and my wrists straight). I've been doing 7 non-knee (straight leg) push-ups 3 times a week for months now, but haven't got any better! So maybe the key will be taking that break and trying a few more (I have noticed that if I wait a few minutes, I can squeeze a few more out). I have the added issue of having a pelvis issue that flares up when my abdominals start sagging after about 7 push-ups, so I may have to approach this slowly and work on my abs a bit more too! How many are you starting with?

nyn said...

ummmm....I so want to do this but I am afraid. You think your arms are weak. I am luck to hold anything long considering it has been years since I had to carry babies. I must consider this.

Samantha said...

How are you doing with the program, Kirsty? I'm not doing great--I could barely get through my assigned reps for the first two days (Wed and Fri), so I'm going to start week 1 over on Monday (I'm doing Mon-Wed-Fri) and treat last week as a warm up ;-) It certainly is a good all-over workout... after the first day, my lower abs and the front and back of my shoulders hurt!

Good luck to you, Carolyn, and anyone else who takes up the challenge!

Kirsty said...

Hi Sam and Carolyn, I tried to post to you yesterday but the computer ate it and has been giving me resistance ever since. Firstly, yay Sam! Yay! How is the interval training with the nifty watch working out for you.

Second, Carolyn! Of course you can. I remember how you used to use Cora as a free weight when we would work out in my living room. You'd out push-up me in no time I'm quite sure.

Sam, oh it is vile isn't it? I did complete my first week. I am on level 2 since in my initial test I could do 10 with good form (military style). At the end of t day 3 on Friday I could do 11 as my max at the end, after doing the previous 31? So I was fairly pleased with the progress. Mostly I was pleased that I was not in the extreme pain that I experienced on the first 2 days following the test and day one. Oh the PAAAAAIN. I could barely steer my car. By the 2nd and 3rd session there was no pain after the fact and this pleased me greatly. Now, *during* the fact is another story. Oh my holy heinousness. It is sooo hard. The second session almost had me in tears just contemplating going down on my shredded muscles, but surprisingly I find it gets easier after the first couple of sets. My son's watch me with a mixture of pity and scorn in their eyes and do not let me get away with bad form.

Anyway, it has been humbling to say the least. I can't remember the last time I experienced working to true muscle failure. It's not a pleasant sensation, is it? I don't see myself being able to move on to week 2 yet as it seemed as though I barely survived week 1 and felt sure that I should have started on the level below. But survive I did, so I will give it a shot unless it feels as though an injury is imminent.
I'm so excited to have more company in my misery :D :D Good luck and keep me posted please!!

Kallie said...

this must be popular -- just the day before i read this on your blog my sis-in-law challenged the same thing. so ry and i are in week 1 and sore as ever -- but excited since i too, like a good physical challenge.