Dream boy

I took this photo of Finny on the boys' birthday. He was lying looking at the clouds and contemplating aloud the lengthy conversation he'd had with my sister Shona (who lives in Australia) the night before.

She had suggested that I mail him to her in a box so he could visit. He was very philosophical about this method of travel. He had a few stipulations: could the box please be a people sized box so that he could "stretch out my legs". He also asked if the box could be equipped with a few
"peanut butter sandwiches wif jelly, cut down in the middle with no crusts-PLEASE" and some "milk in a cup". He thought a flashlight may be nice, also his PJ's, his pillow and blanket and his blankie. He very practically suggested that he have some pull-ups on hand since there would be an absence of "facilities". But no toys. If he did not take any of his own toys he was sure Shona would provide some new ones when he arrived , and he was willing to go without entertainment for the many sleeps in the box in order to guarantee himself some new toys.

He became increasingly concerned though, about taking the trip solo. He asked if I could maybe take the box containing him to 'Stralia personally, I told him that no, only the mail-carrier is allowed to handle the box.

He then quite brilliantly suggested that if I were to drive the mail truck then we could remain together. He was a little disappointed when this was not to be either.

We then told him that after the box had been in a truck for a while it would be put on a boat "like in Madagascar". I expected him to become profoundly less enthusiastic after that since the animals in the box in Madagascar did not seem too thrilled with their mode of transportation, not to mention they took a bit of a detour. Frankly, I would have been in a tail-spin if this was to be my fate, but he only smiled mildly.

As the time for his departure grew closer (in his mind) he began to plead more vigorously for some companionship in the box. He chose Gracie to accompany him as he did not want the boys "to miss their birthday" or me to be taken from them on their birthday.

As his enthusiasm wavered, Shona enticed him with tales of going to the beach, no bed-time, seeing her dogs and as much chocolate as he could eat. He started to negotiate:

"How 'bout....she just brings her dogs here to visit..."

"How 'bout I don't have to go in a box and then I won't get chocolate or get to go to the beach but I can still see the dogs?"

"How 'bout we all go togever in a plane to 'Stralia'? "How 'bout, Shona comes here to get me and then I can go in a plane wif her, and sit on her lap, and those two guys can sit in the front and drive the plane..."

Eventually I gave the poor kid a break and told him that I had changed my mind, I would miss him too much and he was not allowed to go in the box. The tales of chocolate and dogs, and the beach and never-ending days still have him 'Stralia dreaming though. Me too.

How 'bout this boy stays aged 4 for a few more years? Please?

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nyn said...

Aren't they so smart. What would we do without kids to give us good ideas? Love the idea of all the supplies in the box. It shows a lot of foresight:)

Samantha said...

What a cute kid! I'm very impressed by how he could put himself into this imaginary situation and think about what it would really be like. Not that I know much about acting, but it seems to me this talent of his could be applied to "getting into character".

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture ! Put that boy in the box and send him to me now !

Kim said...

I could go in the box with him...please? He's such a sweet boy...love his comments and his reasoning!