Fireworks and such...

We have sort of fallen into a tradition of hosting 4th of July parties. Ironic. I am not sure why this is. I told Aaron I think it is my way of making my peace with you people. Let this serve as my restitution for any dissing and trash talk re: your country vs mine unintentional and otherwise over the rest of the year. We cool?

I also tend to make this dessert, or a variation thereof every year. I can't help myself. I don't know why this is either. Aside from the obvious this is the most American dessert you can find. It has jello AND cool whip within. Gracie and I painstakingly used a real flag as our pattern for the blueberries only for Aaron to later point out that it was a defective flag and we were off by about 20 blueberries. Oh well, it still looks way better then I do in this photo.

I bought a cheap badminton set at the grocery store, "just in case" Thank goodness for that genius move. We had 14 kids aged from 12-3 and it filled the need for some competitive activity well (boys tend to shrivel up and die if they spend too long away from being competitive) . I think they would have resorted to soccer if it had not been for the badminton and our grass and plants would not have fared so well.

The grass has taken well, apart from the "seams" which we hope will recover with time.

We had a great mellow party. We had about 30 people and it is surprising how much fewer that seems when you can go outside. Keller here was the only casualty of the badminton racquet which was a miracle. He was quite stoic after the initial trauma.

Then, as tradition dictates we made our way over to the university to watch the fireworks. My schfancin' new camera has a fireworks mode, of this I am sure, but I did not bother to find it prior to the show, so you have technically disastrous photos but still...ooooohhh...pretttttty...

In spite of my fierce allegiance to South Africa, I do so love the 4th of July. I think it is probably since it is the only big holiday where the weather is good. I'm so deep. Thanks for the good times America! And to your further credit, you are the motherland to 5 of my favourite people. I will raise my tub of cool whip to that!

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Melissa said...

Looks like quite the party! Hugs to the BG crew from us!!