Musical Motivation

So how's everyone doing with the push-ups? I was incredibly sceptical going into this endeavour as you know, however shockingly enough I have been able to complete the requirements of each day with major incremental improvement. Furthermore, I don't feel the need to review my will and say a last goodbye to all my loved ones each time I get down to doing my sets for the day. This is progress! I had Aaron take photos of me about a week and a half into this and I could see definite improvements already. In my shoulders, back, arms, the whole upper body situation is so much more toned. I am prone to getting a bit Mr. Universe-y, but better huge guns then huge bat-wings methinks.

So, push-ups, they work for me! The push-up program-working for me too. Is it working for you?

And here is a motivational nugget for you this fine day. Like most people, I love music. I rely heavily upon it when I run. (Purist runners may deride but it works for me).

I find it most motivating when I save it as a big auditory treat. So here's my tip: I only allow myself to listen to my iPod when I run (and occasionally when I clean, but same-same). I listen to music in my car and at home and all that too, we don't live in a monastery here, but my favourite, most pump-you-up and get going songs are reserved exclusively for running. Not only does this serve as additional motivation to get out there, (today for instance, can't think of anything less enticing then running but I just downloaded several awesome songs I am dying to listen to). It also keeps the pump-you-up and get going songs fresh and motivating. Because let's face it, after a while even the most awesome tunes lose their adrenaline inducing power. It's a very simple little thing, but it really works for me. Ask your friends to share their favourite work-out songs with you, you may find some new favourites.

While I'm on the subject, I've mentioned my devotion to this product before. Ye olde Nike + iPod That devotion remains true. Other then the fact that Paula Radcliffe has taken to congratulating me each time I complete 5K by informing me that that I have just completed another 500km (I may need to re-set something), this works for me.

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Brooke said...

i'll have to check out the pushup program. i'm on a quest to get my arms looking great for my wedding dress in november! :)

Mari said...

I was going to do the pushup program as a WFMW, but I haven't actually gotten around to having it work for me...I have to work for it first!!
Good luck, and great job!!

nyn said...

I am the same with my running music. I have my specific songs for running that I have on the ipod. Whenever I possibly here one on the radio I start to have a little rush like I might go run. I love that.

Thalia said...

ok i just listen to the gym music... but i have been gyming 5 times a week! are you proud!!