Did I not just post that school was out for the Summer? Yes! I believe I did. This is insane. IN.SANE I say people. We really must do something about it, the briefness of this most lovely of seasons. Or at least the briefness of the time our children are given to enjoy it.

School starts tomorrow. Despite having labeled every pencil, crayon, marker, glue (and lids) in triplicate, filled out forms asking me for my address 25 different ways on the same piece of paper, (in triplicate) and despite having planned everything from the first day of school outfits to the first day of school breakfast, I am in deep denial. I am thinking we are all going to wake up tomorrow and say, "haha, I dreamed it was the day we had to go back to school, good thing we have 3 months left of Summer eh?"

I'm sure that's what is going to happen.

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nyn said...

Alas, my dream was not so. Kids did go back to school. Summer break ended. Sorry you are suffering the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Sp we are not the only weird mothers who actually enjoy having our kids home? That is great news. Thanks for the lovely pics. of your "end of summer" trip. Loved the stone bridge. Looked like something out of "The Bridges of Madison County", and although I did not enjoy the film, did love the bridges.
BTW, do not be brain-washed by your youngest. Your bot. is very small, and your legs are gorgeous versus my milk bottle left leg and Tab bottle right. The kids look so gorgeous. Gracie is one of those golden blonde types that make we olive-skinned brunettes red with envy.
Lots of love,