Balloon wishes..

Yesterday we took part in the world-wide balloon wish launch in honour of Stephanie and Christian Nielson and their family.

Stephanie and Christian are in critical condition following a plane crash last week.

Through her blog, Stephanie (aka Nie-nie), uplifted and inspired many people, many people who wanted to express in some way how much this amazing family is in our hearts and prayers.

We joined in at 8pm EST last night in Ohio. We hope that sometime very soon they will be able to see these pictures and all the others that have been taken around the world, and know how much they are appreciated.

Thursday next week has been declared "Nie-nie day". Check back here then for something special!

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Jules said...

I wanted to do this but could not, so thanks for sharing your family's experience! Hey, email me and tell me how to write on your pictures. That is so cool.

Miss you soooooooo much....