Baptism Boy...

Gabe was baptised yesterday. It was a wonderful day! He was baptised and confirmed by Aaron.

Grandpa Sayer and Grandma Enola came all the way from Idaho to attend the baptism. Grandpa was the witness and helped to confirm Gabe. It was fun to have them here.

The whole family was involved in the service. Finny passed out the programs

and entertained the Young Women (two of whom he has announced his intentions to marry, it has caused some drama.)

Grandma Enola played the piano, Gracie said the opening prayer, I gave a talk (a large part of which was a letter from Granny who wrote a personalized allegory just for the occasion), and Benjamin closed with prayer.

The Africa Randalls sent Gabe his own hymnbook

Here he is reading their inscription to them

And Grandpa and Grandma Enola gave him a matching set of scriptures with his name engraved on them. Now he is fancy!

Tiffany (what can't the woman do?) put together this slide show that was shown while we were waiting for him to change. Fortunately I got to see it beforehand so I only wept a little since I was already dehydrated from all the crying during my talk. Thank you Tiffany.

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nyn said...

Abosolutely wonderful!! The pictures and slide show are great. Congrats to Gabe.

Thalia said...

Omigosh! The slideshow is adorable!! Some really gorgeous pcitures of Gabe. Love the pic of Benj tickling him, and him in his heartshaped green glasses - tooo precious!

Untypically Jia said...

What a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Gabe

Congratulations on your baptism !

We are sorry we weren't able to be there but the wonderful pictures and slideshow make us feel like we were.

Love you lots
Aunty Shona and Uncle Marc xx

The Sayer Family said...

This is the Sayer's from Mountain Home. It has been a while since we've checked your blog but when Grandpa said he was going over to see Gabe get baptized we decided it was time to check again. You have such a beautiful family. Conratulations to Gabe on his baptism. When do we get to see you next?

Kim said...

Congratulations Gabe! Loved seeing all your pictures! Hope you enjoyed your special day!