Have you ever wondered...

what you (gosh my face looks particularly moon-like in this picture),

would look like with Angelina Jolie's hairstyle?

or Ashlee Simpson's?

If you had Cameron Diaz's cut (but you tweaked the colour)

Jennifer Garner's do (or what I might look like if I ever bothered to style my existing hair)

How about Jessica Alba? (which may technically be impossible since I have a cowlick that makes a fringe stick up or it would so I have been told).

or if you were trying to be just like your big sister

Channeling JLo (without the face, butt, voice or money)

When you realise that Jennifer Aniston's colour which you have so long coveted, is really not that hot on you:

Reese Witherspoon or the picture which prompted my mother to shriek, "you must NEVER GO BLONDE"

What your little brother would look like as a drag queen (or Katie Holmes)

I always knew that boy would make it big someday.

If you have, you should go to InStyle's Hollywood Hair Makeover
But you are forewarned, it is highly addictive and the fun can go on for hours. You should see me with Scarlett Johansson's bouffant. It is really quite glorious, I was born in the wrong era.

But before you go, stop! Wait! I'm polling. Which hairstyle do you like best? Or are you laughing too hard to regain your breath enough to type?

My husband gave me a gift certificate for a very fancy spa for a graduation gift and I have yet to redeem it. They are VERY good with hair so I'm thinking I should take advantage. On the other hand.. you may think I should just continue to do what I am doing which is almost always to wash my hair, brush it (on a good day) and scrape it back into a knot like a librarian? I'm leaning that way because I have very little tolerance and patience for matters of grooming and just sticking all those hairstyles on my mug was enough work for me. Maybe I will just get a facial instead.

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Denise said...

I vote for Cameron Diaz

nyn said...

I vote for Cameron or Jennifer. I like those on you. LOL about your brother's do LOVED IT!!

Anonymous said...

I like the JLo or Jennifer Aniston (style, not color). You look like Geena Davis with the Angelina do, IMO!

You'll have to post a pic after your spa day!

Have fun with it - Steph

DEANNA said...

Kayla and I vote for JLo!

Kim said...

Love the Jennifer Garner do....good luck deciding what you want to do!